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29 Book-To-Movie Adaptations That People Really Want A Redo Of

Justice for the Divergent series!

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which book-to-movie adaptations seriously deserve a redo. Here are some of their responses!

1. Percy Jackson & the Olympians

20th Century Fox

"Okay, I am well aware we’re getting a TV show on Disney+ but I HAVE TO BRING UP PERCY JACKSON! The movies are GOD AWFUL. Literal garbage. They changed everything that made it funny, adventurous, and fun! The first one is terrible BUT NOT AS BAD AS THE SECOND ONE. Sea Of Monsters is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. I hope Disney+ finally gives PJO the justice it deserves."


2. Inkheart

New Line Cinema

"My absolute favourite book as a teen, and even now I still reread the trilogy. The film fell completely flat. Not enough character development, and an ending completely different from the books. They clearly ran out of funding and tried to wrap it all together. All three books should be done as separate films or even a TV show as it would include every detail. They're beautiful books and honestly so original."


3. The Princess Diaries

Buena Vista Pictures

"They hardly followed any of the plot lines in the movie, and Michael and Mia’s love story in the books is ABSOLUTE relationship goals. Plus all her other friends that don’t even exist in the movie, and her dad actually being alive...there’s at least ten books to pull from. It’s TV series GOLD."


4. Doctor Sleep

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I loved the book and was really looking forward to seeing the movie. However when I saw it at the cinema, I was really disappointed because whilst it was an okay film, it missed out most of the book’s main plot points. I know that films can’t include everything from the book, but to change so many of the storylines like that and to leave so much stuff out – it was just ridiculous. There definitely needs to be another Doctor Sleep film made, one that actually is like the book. I really hope this happens, I’d love to see it."


5. The Divergent Series


"Firstly, the final movie was never made. Secondly, the films were so poorly done. The first film wasn't awful, but when they introduced those floating orange blobs, I lost it with laughter in the cinema! It just looked so ridiculous. I'm sure, especially with today's SFX and graphics, that they could've done better!"


6. My Sister's Keeper

New Line Cinema

"The ending was perfect in the book. Why did they change it and make it boring, predictable, and anti-climactic?"


7. Eragon

20th Century Fox

"Each book deserves to be covered, so a series would be best. They're such good books, and that movie did NOT do the first one justice AT ALL."


8. Ella Enchanted

Miramax Films

"They turned a rich, interesting, and smart story into a slapstick comedy. As a 14-year-old I had never felt so betrayed by a film."


9. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

20th Century Fox

"This trilogy by Ransom Riggs should have been a dark, disturbing saga for a teen/adult audience. The novels were magical, but also incredibly eerie and macabre. When I heard Tim Burton was directing the movie, I knew it would either be amazing or he would ruin it. Unfortunately, it was the latter.

"He turned it into some nonsensical farce geared toward younger children, but also made the Hollows incredibly graphic so little kids couldn’t enjoy the movie either. What should have been a masterful set of films was cut short by a disaster of a movie that barely resembled the book on which it was based."


10. The Life of Pi

20th Century Fox

"Sorry, but Pi's love interest in the film contributes nothing to the plot and actually takes away from the point of his time at home IMO! In the book, he spent the start of the story questioning the nature of belief and exploring his spirituality, and in the film he...sees a girl in a dance class I guess? Also, their scene just before he leaves was completely out of nowhere and didn't add to the story – I think the movie makers just wanted a romance arc at any cost, and it showed TBH."


11. The NeverEnding Story

Warner Bros. Pictures

"I have nostalgia for the old one, but having read the book, there is so much more to be explored. Probably two thirds of the book is not in the movie at all. There's some incredibly creative imagery and a deeply emotional plot about grief, growing up, and connecting with others. I think someone like Denis Villeneuve could do an amazing adaptation!"


12. Ready Player One

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Let's take a stab at redoing Ready Player One so that, you know, it actually follows the book and doesn't change everything except the skeletal plot. Cast people who actually fit the characters, have things the way they were written...the movie we got two years ago does not in any way – aside from character names – resemble the book."


13. Twilight

Summit Entertainment

"The first one did everyone involved and the book a disservice in favour of 'angst' and lacklustre romance, not to mention the inconsistencies and plot holes. With better writing and direction, Twilight would actually be (though still cringe and romance-y) a good adaptation."


14. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Entertainment One Film

"The 2013 movie was incredibly shallow and rushed compared to the book, and I hate when people judge and get the wrong idea of my absolute favourite book series! I know there is the TV series, Shadowhunters, but they just started doing whatever they wanted and completely forgot about the book’s plot after the first season. I think the rest of the books' stories would have been so good on screen (as movies) if they just were faithful to the books."


15. The Dark Tower

Sony Pictures Releasing

"I’d love for someone to do the Dark Tower series as an epic series like Game of Thrones that would follow the books really closely. They could probably do multiple seasons per book, especially the later ones. The movie had amazing casting, but the plot was terrible. It had nothing to do with the books, and Roland’s primary character motivation was changed into a cliched quest for vengeance."


16. The Giver

The Weinstein Company

"Stay true to the book. Don’t make Jonas 16 years old, don’t make his first innocent romantic feelings towards Fiona a full-fledged romance, don’t turn his best friend Asher against him, don’t make the Elders this secret dark society against change or choice. The whole movie was horrible because they changed it so much to make it 'appealing' to audiences. Completely missed the message from the book."


17. Vampire Academy

Entertainment One

"The movie adaption did the story so dirty, it’s unbelievable. They movie plays like a Mean Girls-type high school drama. The reality of the book series is that it is an action drama with a little romance. The high school drama is not as prevalent as the movie makes it seem."


18. Cirque Du Freak

Universal Pictures

"The Cirque du Freak movie was so disappointing! They changed details of the story and characters for no reason, and ended up losing what made the books so special to me and so many other fans. I grew up with those books and would love to see all 12 of them properly adapted into TV, but I don't think it'll ever happen."


19. The DUFF


"The book is so much better than the movie. The only thing the book and the movie have in common are the characters, and I was so disappointed when I watched the movie."


20. The Time Traveler's Wife

Warner Bros. Pictures

"We seriously need another version of The Time Traveler’s Wife. The book is utterly beautiful, complex, and heartbreaking but the movie was just horrible. The casting, writing, and overall execution was just wrong."


21. Artemis Fowl


"The movie isn't even a year old yet and it's already aged poorly. The stereotypes and bad accents are low-key insulting. The mood of each scene changed so fast I got whiplash and it didn't portray the characters properly."


22. P.S. I Love You

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Completely changes practically every aspect of the book and takes all of the heart and growth out. They just absolutely destroyed it by switching it to the US from Ireland, eliminating major characters, and really, everyone who was cast was a terrible choice. People think they love the movie, but once they read the book, they actually realise what a disservice was done to them."


23. Hidden Figures

20th Century Fox

"Hidden Figures was a stellar movie, but the white saviour element was so annoying. I want a remake that doesn't focus on making a white audience feel less bad about themselves and focuses on the amazing black mathematicians who got us to the moon."


24. Where'd You Go, Bernadette

United Artists Releasing

"The movie just doesn't capture Bernadette's quirkiness and the whole dynamic of the neighbourhood. The fact that we know Bernadette's whereabouts the whole time is also a shame since her being missing is the plot for the whole story to work."


25. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Summit Entertainment

"The book is easily one of the best books I have ever read, but I feel like the movie didn’t do the book justice. The movie felt very rushed and didn’t do a good job portraying the book in its entirety. Personally, I loved the cast and couldn’t imagine any other actors playing the characters. I just think that movie wasn’t as good as I thought it would have been and I would love for there to be a new take on it."


26. The Host

Open Road Films

"The book is way better than all her Twilight ones, but the film was so disappointing. It left so much out, the casting wasn't great, the chemistry between the leads wasn't there...I would love to see it done properly, maybe as a limited series."


27. Ender's Game

Summit Entertainment

"It is one of my absolute favourite books. Yet I was so embarrassed when we left the theatres. I just kept telling my then-boyfriend to forget we ever saw it. That book takes place mainly inside Ender's head so I understand it had to be different. But they left out a lot of the more complicated issues that the book deals with (such as the Giant's Game) to make it more family friendly. And they also only showed a couple of battles, when the book is full of them. Plus that cast was stacked, so I felt sure it was gonna be disappointing."


28. The Shining

Warner Bros.

"Stanley Kubrick mutilated Stephen King's masterpiece. The book is amazing and the movie is cluttered and doesn't make any sense. I've had to explain the movie to so many people."


29. The Harry Potter series

Warner Brothers

"The films did Ginny Weasley dirty! Although Bonnie Wright is an excellent actress, the films did nothing to capture how vivacious book Ginny is. Ron was all wrong and the less said about THAT scene with Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire the better! The only thing the films had spot on was Alan Rickman as Snape and Maggie Smith as McGonagall!"


Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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