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    These Are Bestselling Products From Amazon Our Readers Loved In July

    Including a peel-off latex that'll give you neat and tidy manicures!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This car interior shampoo can be used on all synthetic upholstery, lifting away the stains on your car seats *and* leaving them smelling fresh.

    Amazon / Via

    You can use this on your mats, doors, steering wheel, pedals, dashboard, and handles too! It's basically the perfect all-in-one product to get the inside of your car gleaming. 

    Price: £5.86 

    2. There's a reason this seriously powerful acne cream has such rave reviews – it deeply cleans pores without drying out the skin.

    Amazon / Via

    This cream also minimises the redness that can come along with breakouts, and reviewers say you only need to use a little bit at a time to reap its amazing results!

    Price: £12.99 

    3. Hair looking worse for wear? The L'Oréal Paris Wonder Water has got your back, nourishing dry and damaged hair in just eight seconds.

    Amazon / Via

    This rinse-out conditioner is ultra lightweight and silicone-free, so it'll moisturise your hair without weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue. 

    Price: £4.95

    4. Pour this Dr. Beckmann foaming toilet cleaner down your loo to deeply clean it with minimal effort and scrubbing on your part. Using it regularly helps to prevent the buildup of limescale too!

    Amazon / Via

    It foams up once it comes into contact with your toilet water, at which point you just use your toilet brush to distribute the foam evenly, leave it for ten minutes, and then give it a final brush before flushing. The results are seriously impressive, and it'll leave behind a fresh lemon scent. 

    Price: £3 

    5. I own this stainless steel descaling doughnut myself and it works wonders for preventing scaly cuppas. Just pop it in your kettle and keep using it as normal!

    Amazon / Via

    It attracts the limescale from your kettle and catches it in between its wires, which you can then easily rinse away as and when you need to. 

    Price: £1.99 

    6. Sick of accidentally nicking your skin while shaving your legs? This styptic pencil quickly stops the flow of blood, and even reduces irritation from bug bites!

    Amazon / Via

    It contains aluminium sulphate, which helps to coagulate the blood and stop it from flowing. Just the one pencil will last you for ages, so at under £2 you really can't go wrong!

    Price: £1.99 

    7. Keep the head of your electric toothbrush clean with one of these handy covers.

    Amazon / Via

    They're compatible with all Oral-B round headed toothbrushes! They can be washed and reused again and again, and are perfect if you're traveling and don't want your toothbrush head coming into contact with everything else in your wash bag. 

    Price: £4.99 for six. 

    8. If you were struggling to sleep during the heatwave (which, same), you'll be wondering where this cooling gel pillow insert has been all your life.

    Amazon / Via

    You know those cooling mats you get for pets? Well this is basically that for humans. The stay-cool filling doesn't need to be refrigerated beforehand, and the filling is split into two sections which stops it from gathering too much on one side. 

    Price: £6.95

    9. You'll no longer need to wait 90 minutes for your dinner to cook once you invest in this microwave potato baker.

    Amazon / Via

    Jacket potatoes? Great. The fact they take an age to cook in the oven (and use up a lot of energy in the process)? Not so great. This cooker delivers baked potatoes that have the taste and texture of ones fresh from the oven, but in a teeny tiny fraction of the time. The holder is big enough to contain four potatoes, so you'll be sorted for lunch the next day too. 

    Price: £2.95 

    10. Apply this deeply nourishing balm to your heels and it'll banish that dry, hard skin that's been there for as long as you can remember.

    Amazon / Via

    It has a 4.7-star average rating based on over 5,000 reviews, so you know it's got to be good! Its formula is designed to help the skin retain more water and lose less of it, leading to moisturised and hydrated heels. Reviewers say it makes a real difference, and there's plenty of impressive before and after pictures to vouch for that claim. 

    Price: £3.90 

    11. Not only do these collagen-packed under-eye pads look incredibly luxe, but they'll help to reduce puffiness and dark circles too!

    Amazon / Via

    With plumping collagen, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and brightening vitamin C, these pads are packed full of ingredients that'll get you looking more awake in just 15-20 minutes. 

    Price: £2 for ten. 

    12. Say goodbye to that dry skin at the base of your nails with this inexpensive cuticle oil that'll leave them smooth and nourished.

    Amazon / Via

    Because nail polish applies so much more easily on smooth nails! This oil contains jojoba oil as well as vitamin A and E to condition your cuticles, and once you've massaged it in it only takes three to five minutes to air dry. 

    Price: £3.99 

    13. These silicone ice cube trays come with lids, so they wont drip on your floors on the way to your freezer or spill around once they're in there!

    Amazon / Via

    The flexible silicone material makes it super easy to push the cubes out (no more aggressively banging your ice cube tray against a counter!). 

    Price: £6.89 for two. 

    14. Get finely minced garlic the easy way with this clever garlic rocker that *actually* chops it rather than turning it into pulpy mush.

    Amazon / Via

    I own a rocker similar to this myself and it really does make the prep part of cooking so much faster! Its stainless steel surface is super easy to clean, and it comes with a little tube that will peel your garlic cloves for you. 

    Price: £6.99 

    15. Get into those nooks and crannies in your kitchen or bathroom with this stiff-bristled brush.

    Amazon / Via

    The brush can be used on most tiled surfaces, and the bristles are tough enough to withstand some pretty serious scrubbing. 

    Price: £2.49

    16. If your room is a little short on plug points there's no need to worry, as this USB adapter plug can charge four devices at once!

    Amazon / Via

    If you're the type of person whose phone and AirPods always seem to die at around the same time, this is for you. And at under £7, it's pretty amazing value for money too!

    Price: £6.99 

    17. Cover up greasy roots (and look stylish at the same time) with this pack of elasticated headbands.

    Amazon / Via

    The soft cotton material will feel comfy all day unlike some headbands that can dig in after a while, and they're ideal for sunny days where the last thing you want is your fringe or front layers getting sweaty. 

    Price: £4.99 for four. 

    18. If your manicures at home tend to be a little messy, this latex peel-off tape is well worth investing in.

    Amazon / Via

    Apply it to the skin around your nails and it'll catch any nail polish that drips or bleeds over, after which you can let it dry and peel it away (which is incredibly satisfying, FYI). 

    Price: £5.19 

    19. That patch on your carpet or sofa is no match for this extra-strong stain removal spray!

    Amazon / Via

    It works on a huge variety of stains – from wine to coffee, grease, lipstick, and fruit juice – and a ton of different fabrics too! Simply spray it, wait a few minutes, and then use a clean cloth to wipe the lifted-off dirt away. 

    Price: £7.75