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    24 Bestselling Amazon Products Our Readers Loved In September, So You Might Too

    Including some ridiculously cheap makeup sponges.

    1. Store loo roll the easy way with this holder that doesn't require any tools to install it! Just hang it over the tank and you're done.

    2. These heat-resistant silicone spatulas have a seamless design, making them super easy to clean!

    3. This pack of six beauty sponges is incredible value for money and, judging from their 4.5-star average rating, of a surprisingly high quality too!

    4. These stretchy silicone lids can fit over a wide variety of containers, and will even go over cut-up fruits!

    5. Got blemish-prone skin? Revolution Skincare's super affordable niacinamide and zinc serum minimises the appearance of large pores and regulates oil production.

    6. If you're going to be WFH for the long haul and haven't already invested in a laptop stand, you need to. This one is adjustable, keeping your device at the perfect eye-level and preventing it from overheating.

    7. For less than a quid, this little soap dish will help your bar soap dry more quickly and stop any gross residue from getting on your sink.

    8. Living in the UK means a very high chance of living in a hard water area. Luckily, this ionic shower head contains filters that soften your water, helping your hair feel properly clean and allowing your products to lather more easily.

    9. Anyone who's spent time on the cleaning side of TikTok will recognise this iconic Pink Stuff paste! It'll tackle tough stains without scratching up surfaces, and works on everything from rusty metal to dirty ceramic tiles.

    10. There's a reason the Elbow Grease degreaser has a 4.7-star average rating – it'll clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, fabrics, carpets, plastics, and even machinery.

    11. These Korean exfoliating washcloths will change the game when it comes to removing dead skin, and deliver grossly satisfying results.

    12. It's always handy to have a First Aid Kit (seriously, how many times have you needed a plaster but been unable to find any?). This one is compact and super cheap.

    13. Nobody likes a soggy oven chip, so nab this non-stick tray – it has holes at the bottom that allow air to circulate and ensure your food is evenly crisp.

    14. Any kids in your life who are budding makeup artists will appreciate this set of brushes, and you'll love their inexpensive price tag!

    15. You've probably heard of the famous Scrub Daddy sponge, but now let me introduce you to the Scour Daddy! It firms up in cold water, softens in warm water, and can tackle heavy duty cleaning jobs with ease.

    16. This clear mascara from e.l.f is designed for brows and lashes, giving a soft and flexible hold that still lasts all day.

    17. The weather might be a bit grey at the moment, but you can still get a summery beachy look with this salt hair spray from got2b. It gives textured, tousled waves with a matt finish.

    18. Use this little squeegee on your screen or tiles after every shower to remove excess moisture and prevent mildew and soap scum from forming. It even has a suction cup so you can have it close to hand.

    19. Speaking of showers, this non-slip mat is the perfect size for shower stalls and really easy to clean (you can literally chuck it in the washing machine!).

    20. This handheld blender is super powerful but surprisingly quiet. It also comes with whisk and milk frother attachments, so is sure to get a lot of use!

    21. Winter, also known as "mould and mildew season", is incoming, so make sure to get this dehumidifier that absorbs excess moisture from the air and stores it in an easy-to-empty container.

    22. This wooden ship puzzle is designed for kids aged eight and up, making it perfect for a niece or nephew who loves a challenge!

    23. If your pet has had fleas recently, I hate to break it to you but even more of those little pests are all over your home! Tackle the problem with this fast-acting spray that kills fleas, ticks, and dust mites, and is designed for use on carpets, pet bedding, and upholstery.

    24. With nourishing coconut and macadamia, this Garnier Hair Food is ideal for smoothing out frizz. Use it as a mask, a rinse-out conditioner, or a leave-in conditioner!