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    Here Are The Bestselling Amazon Products Our Readers Loved In July

    Including discs to prolong the life of your produce and a bait station that'll solve your annoying ant problem.

    1. This highly-rated eyelash growth serum has so many rave reviews for a reason! It claims to get your lashes up to 40% more voluminous in just eight weeks.

    2. Get your bathroom looking sparkling again with this limescale-busting spray.

    3. This maximum-strength antiperspirant is so effective, you only have to use it a couple of times a week to get results.

    4. These luxe-looking hair clips are an easy way to look put together, and for less than £7!

    5. This genius ant bait station will get rid of your ant problem and is effective for up to three months.

    6. Few things are as annoying as buying fruit or veg only for it to go off before you get a chance to eat it, but these freshness-prolonging discs will solve that problem!

    7. This hyaluronic acid serum has a 4.7-star average rating from over 3,000 customers, is an absolute bargain, and will intensely hydrate your skin – what's not to like?

    8. This Bin Buddy powder will soak up the bin juice in your liners, helping to prevent those gross leaks.

    9. Enjoy the cold side of the pillow all the time with these stay-cool gel inserts.

    10. This Invisibobble scrunchie won't tug at your hair or leave those annoying ponytail dents when you take it out.

    11. These adorable woollen tumble dryer balls will help to reduce static, speed up drying time, and soften your clothes.

    12. You'll be amazed (and disgusted) by the grossly satisfying results of these foot peel masks.

    13. This 4.6-star rated shampoo will deeply clean your car's interior, removing stains from your seats, dashboard, doors, and more.

    14. Keep your shower glass squeaky-clean by using this squeegee that comes with a nifty suction cup.

    15. If you're a forgetful plant parent, you'll appreciate these watering globes that do all the work for you.

    16. This sleek set of all-black manicure, pedicure, and brow tools will help to keep you perfectly groomed.

    17. This insanely popular vitamin C serum works to brighten, firm, and even out your skin. Its other hero ingredients include vitamin E, jojoba oil, and hyaluronic acid!

    18. This wooden glasses holder is that rare combination of gimmicky and useful.

    19. Your gold, platinum, and precious stones will look good as new with this jewellery cleaning pen.

    20. If you've lost the drain plug for your kitchen or bathroom, this silicone stopper comes in a universal size and creates a strong seal.

    21. Drift off to a restful night's sleep with this 'sleep better' aromatherapy rollerball made with 100% pure essential oils.

    22. You can thoroughly clean those tricky-to-reach areas of your home with this oscillating SonicScrubber brush.

    23. This reusable non-stick baking sheet is the perfect swap for regular baking paper.

    24. This magnetic phone holder has a super strong adhesive to keep the mount in place, and because its free of fiddly clamps or release buttons you can attach and remove your phone with ease.