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    24 Bestselling Amazon Products Our Readers Couldn't Get Enough Of In April

    Including a highly-rated hair growth shampoo and some gorgeous lights for your garden.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Sandal season is coming up, so there's no better time to try O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet cream.

    Amazon / Via

    The high concentration of glycerin in this helps to draw in moisture and then keep it there! Its heavy-duty enough to use on even the driest of heels but won't leave an unpleasant greasy residue behind. 

    Price: £6.16 

    2. And for super smooth feet, why not try this foot file too?

    Amazon / Via

    It's got an ergonomic handle so it remains comfortable to use, and the blades are sharp enough to shave away that hard dead skin with no trouble at all. Some customers say it's the best one they've ever purchased!

    Price: £4.79 

    3. Banish those mug rings on your wooden coffee table by using this highly-effective cleaner.

    Amazon / Via

    As well as removing those pesky mug rings, it can conceal scratches and get your wooden furniture shining. It works on stained, varnished, oiled, untreated, and waxed wood. 

    Price: £6.99 

    4. This powerful retinol and collagen-packed eye serum really does reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Amazon / Via

    Alongside reducing the appearance of fine lines, it firms the skin, removes puffiness, and adds a boost of hydration so that your under-eye area looks truly refreshed. Customers particularly love how lightweight it feels on the skin and have awarded it an average rating of 4.3 stars from over 1,000 reviews. 

    Price: £6.87

    5. Reviewers rave about this hair growth shampoo that helps to create thicker, fuller-looking locks.

    Amazon / Via

    This sulphate-free shampoo exfoliates and flushes the pores on your scalp so that they're clean and better able for the caffeine in this to work its hair-growing magic! 

    Price: £7.98

    6. Prevention is easier than cure with blocked drains, so pop one of these drain sticks down your sink each month to keep those pipes clear.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll only need to put one down the drain once a month, so the pack will last you an entire year. The enzymes in these sticks break down the grease and food that can cause blockages and bad smells, so you can keep your water flowing and avoid any odours. 

    Price: £5 for 12.

    7. This inexpensive suction-backed holder will keep your razor within easy reach.

    Amazon / Via

    Its power lock suction really will stay put once applied, and it's great for things like loofahs too. 

    Price: £3 

    8. Enjoy some Yankee Candle fragrance without the need to burn a candle thanks to these genius spheres that smell like clean cotton.

    Amazon / Via

    Just one tub will provide up to 30 days of fragrance! They're a handy alternative if you don't like to have candles burning all the time, and it's easy to tell when it needs replacing because the beads will shrink. 

    Price: £4.99 

    9. This lint comb will remove the hairs from your clothes and soft furnishings with ease!

    Amazon / Via

    The strips at the front of this roller are made from copper, so you know it's built to last. Use it on everything from your sofa to your jacket and it'll have them looking new again in a few easy swipes. 

    Price: £8.49 for two. 

    10. Banish that stain from your carpet with Dr. Beckmann's highly-rated cleaning solution. It comes with a built-in brush for you to give it a thorough scrub.

    Amazon / Via

    It works on all sorts of common household spills and stains – from red wine to coffee and grease. It also neutralises odour so is perfect to use on any stains your pet may have caused. 

    Price: £2.79 

    11. The incredible results of this whitening tooth powder pretty much speak for themselves!

    Amazon / Via

    It's designed to be less abrasive on the enamel but tougher on stains compared to other brands. 

    Price: £7.87 

    12. This drain unblocker is powerful enough to dissolve hair, so you'll no longer need to deal with water rising up while you shower.

    Amazon / Via

    This stuff works on full-blown blockages and slow draining water alike. Simply pour the entire bottle down the drain, wait at least 15 minutes (but ideally overnight), and then flush it through with lots of hot water. 

    Price: £2.29 

    13. You can use this pumice stone to get rid of that built-up limescale at the base of your loo.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    This block can tackle even the most encrusted of dirt and grease! As barbecue season approaches this is great for your grill too, as the block will adapt to fit the shape of the racks and clean the sides of them as well as the top. 

    Price: £2.40 

    14. Use this copper crisping basket to get perfect chicken and chips every time. Air circulates underneath it so that you don't have to flip your food over.

    Amazon / Via

    No more fish fingers or chips that are slightly soggy on one side! It works a bit like an air fryer in that it lets the heat circulate around the food fully, resulting in an even amount of crispness. Alongside the mesh basket it comes with an oven tray to catch any grease or leaks and protect your appliance from muck. 

    Price: £15.99 

    15. Make your garden the place to be with these gorgeous globe lights. They're waterproof, so ideal for unpredictable British weather.

    Amazon / Via

    They give off a warm white glow and come with a remote that'll let you choose from eight different lighting modes. Alternatively, you can put it on a timer and they'll stay on for six hours – more than long enough for any garden parties or barbecues that may go on into the night. 

    Price: £7.99 

    16. From cookies to brownies and loaf cakes, these Reese's peanut butter chips belong in pretty much any baked good!

    Amazon / Via

    As well as being great to bake into things, these make a perfect topping for ice cream or as a finishing touch to decorate iced cakes!

    Price: £1.50 

    17. There's a reason that The Pink Stuff cream cleaner has achieved cult status – it's tough on stains but gentle on your surfaces!

    Amazon / Via

    You can use this on your cooker, countertops, ceramic tiles, and more! With it getting warmer outside, it's also worth noting that it's great for tackling dirt on any garden furniture or barbecues that haven't seen a scrub since last summer.  

    Price: £0.90 

    18. Buildup in your dishwasher can affect its performance down the line, so keep it in tip-top shape with this deep cleaner from Dr. Beckmann.

    Amazon / Via

    Detergent and food can build up in your dishwasher and create some unpleasant odours, but thankfully this cleaner removes 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms from your machine! As if that wasn't enough, it comes with a handy wipe so you can clean the door seals and the front of your appliance. 

    Price: £3.29 

    19. For an easy eco-friendly swap, try these recyclable electric toothbrush heads that work with most Oral-B toothbrushes!

    Amazon / Via

    Customers say these really are just as good as the regular electric toothbrush heads! They come in eco-friendly cardboard packaging, and when you're done with the heads you can send them back to the company and they'll expertly recycle them for you. 

    Price: £6.97 for two. 

    20. Protect your privacy by using this roller that will cover any personal information on your documents. It's a great alternative to a shredder!

    Amazon / Via

    If you're anything like me and have developed a bit of an online shopping habit in the last year, you'll know how annoying it is to have to cut out and then shred any labels on your parcels that contain your name and address. This is a far simpler solution! Simply roll it along the text you want to conceal and it'll obscure your personal information. 

    Price: £11.99 

    21. If you're starting to enjoy having your lunches outside now the weather is warmer, these little pods will keep your boiled eggs safe.

    Amazon / Via

    These inexpensive little holders have a massive 4.8-star rating based on almost 300 reviews! And for under a fiver, how can you go wrong?

    Price: £3.99 for two.

    22. Keep your bathroom organised for less than a fiver thanks to this storage box with seven compartments.

    Amazon / Via

    It's compact enough (17.5cm wide) to fit into small cupboards or by your sink, and is ideal for those hard-to-store things like cotton buds and nail clippers. 

    Price: £3.99 

    23. This Instant Lift brow pencil by e.l.f shapes, defines, and fills in brows for only £3.

    Amazon / Via

    The design is dual-sided, with a spoolie on one end to brush the brows into place and a liner on the other side to fill in any gaps. Customers say it gives really natural looking results!

    Price: £3 

    24. Give your feet a treat at the end of a long day by using this rolling foot massager.

    Amazon / Via

    It's ergonomically designed to really ~get into~ the arch of your foot, and the tiny nubs help to deliver a deep and relaxing massage. According to reviewers, this roller provides a lot of relief for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis. 

    Price: £7.99