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32-Behind-The-Scenes Romantic Comedy Facts That'll Make You Say "Huh, I Never Knew That"

Time to re-watch all of these.

1) Hugh Grant was “hugely grumpy” about having to do the dance scene in Love Actually, because he wanted his character to be a believable prime minister.

2) And the first draft had around four extra stories in it, including one about two girls being love, and another based on a real-life experience of one of director Richard Curtis' friends.

3) It was Meg Ryan’s idea to fake an orgasm in a public place for ~that~ scene in When Harry Met Sally.

4) Initially the movie wasn't going to end with the two of them together, but the director changed it after meeting his now-wife while making the movie.

5) Renée Zellweger was so good at keeping up her English accent while filming Bridget Jones Diary, that nobody heard her actual American accent the whole time she was on set.

6) To get into the role, she took up a months work experience at a publishing house under the name "Bridget Cavendish". She managed to do so unrecognised.

7) Clueless has an unexpected bit of movie trickery in it. Special effects had to be used to show a fake clog hitting Tai during the party scene, because the actual version that was filmed looked too slow once it was cut together.

8) In Sleepless in Seattle, when you see Meg Ryan walking out of one door in Baltimore, and then Tom Hanks walking out of another in Seattle, they're actually the same door! It was shipped across cities.

9) And Tom Hanks has admitted he was "extremely cranky" during the time the movie was made, and complained about how many good lines his character's son, got.

10) When Julia Stiles cried while reading her poem in 10 Things I Hate About You, the tears were real and not planned.

11) While filming the scene in She’s All That where her and Freddie Prinze Jr kiss, Rachael Leigh Cook said she wasn’t into how the take was going so she blinked a lot, assuming that they wouldn’t use that part in the film. But they did.

12) And the school in She's All That is the same school in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

13) One of the extras playing a florist at the start of You've Got Mail is a pregnant woman, and later in the movie you can see a “It's a girl” sign in the florist window.

14) Meg Ryan had never actually owned a computer prior to the movie.

15) The “especially you Jenny Beckman” line at the start of 500 Days of Summer is about a real person, but the name "Jenny Beckman" is a pseudonym.

16) The colour palette of the movie changes with the seasons.

17) Julia Roberts thought Notting Hill sounded boring before reading the script, and she only agreed to look at it because she was a Richard Curtis fan.

18) Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo were going to play the younger versions of themselves in 13 Going on 30 but then it was decided that it wouldn't work.

19) And Mark Ruffalo really didn’t want to do the dance scene at first. He said in an interview; “I literally read it and was like, I can’t do this movie.”

20) Jason Segel had some real-life experience to channel during the naked breakup-scene at the start of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, because he'd also been dumped whilst naked.

21) Ken Jeong, who plays the doctor in Knocked Up, is actually a licensed physician.

22) For the birth scene, it was originally meant to show a woman actually giving birth, but that required a worker’s permit for the yet-to-be-born baby so it couldn't be done.

23) Pretty Woman was initially a much darker movie with a less romantic ending; the film was going to finish with Kit and Vivian on a bus to Disneyland, as she “stares out emptily ahead."

24) And it was going to be called 3,000, after the number of dollars that Julia's character charges.

25) Emma Stone got so into the fake sex scene in Easy A that she ended up having an asthma attack. She didn't know she had asthma prior to this.

26) And for her audition, she did the opening webcam scene from the film.

27) Colin Firth was considered for the role of Westley in The Princess Bride.

28) During a scene where Christopher Guest was meant to hit Cary Ewles, Cary told him to hit him for real. It evidently was a little too realistic, because he says he remembers waking up in hospital.

29) One of the potential titles for Crazy, Stupid Love was Wingman.

30) A body double was used for the lift scene in the movie, as Emma Stone had a fear of being lifted from that height.

31) Steve Carrell's chest hair is actually being ripped out during the waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to get the most realistic reactions.

32) And the movie was almost pulled only one week into filming, because the studio was worried that Steve Carrell looked like a serial killer in the scenes that had been shot so far.