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    18 Products That Might Just Make Your Baths The Best They've Ever Been

    Because you actually have time for a nice long bath now.

    1. Turn your bath into a party for-one with this underwater disco light! All you need now is some music.

    2. These bath tea bags are filled with essential oils, dead sea salts, and flowers for a truly luxe experience. Scents include lavender, patchouli, and white tea as well as invigorating options like the lemon, may chang, and green tea one!

    3. For a fancy as hell bath, you can't go wrong with these glittery and golden prosecco-scented bath bombs. They also contain some seriously nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil, so your skin will feel super soft afterwards.

    4. These iridescent bath salts have plant extracts that'll get you glowing as well as wheat germ oil to soothe your skin.

    5. These floating rose lights are water-activated and will add some serious ambience to your next bath.

    6. If you want to take a bit of a risk, why not get this bath bomb that contains a hidden piece of jewellery. The value of the jewellery will be anything between £10 and £2,000!

    7. These 'The Great British Bathe Off' melts are all based on different classic desserts such as cherry bakewell and berry crumble!

    8. Crumble one of these bubble bars under running water for a nourishing bath that smells of mango and coconut.

    9. Having to rest your head against the hard surface of your bathtub is not very relaxing. This silicone gel bath pillow attaches via suction cups and means you can get properly comfortable.

    10. These Unicorn Poo bath bombs will release a marble-effect of bright colours into your bath water, and they have an incredible raspberry fragrance.

    11. If you're a Disney fan, you'll probably love this apple-scented fizzer based on the Evil Queen's cauldron!

    12. These bath salts will help you prepare for a restful night's sleep – just pop a handful or so into your tub and get ready to feel like you're at a spa.

    13. If your skin is dry, dehydrated, and in need of some TLC, this softening bath milk oil may just help. Its dermatologist-approved formula helps to reduce moisture loss, and the colloidal oats it contains work wonders for soothing skin that's dry and itchy.

    14. Your bath will feel like a ~whole new world~ with these Aladdin fizzers that look like little genie lamps(!) and smell like rose and oud.

    15. Freshen up with this gin and tonic bath gel that's scented with juniper and lemon. You can pop some in your bath for a G&T soak or use it as a regular body wash.

    16. These bath bombs look - and I really can't stress this enough - like macarons. Seriously, they look good enough to eat (but y'know, don't).

    17. These Hello Kitty bath fizzers look like lil' watermelons, and they smell like them too!

    18. To add an earthy, herbal scent to your next soak, add half a capful of this vegan-certified patchouli and cedarwood bath oil.