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19 Before-And-After Photos That Will Make You Want To Get Better At Baking

From baking beginners to absolute pros.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us before-and-after photos of how much their baking skills have improved. Here are some of the amazing transformations!

1. "Two years!"

2. "I went from 'making' store-bought cookies eight years ago to creating my own recipes!"

3. "2010 vs. 2017"

4. "Started baking from home a few years ago. I've come a long way since doing basic fairy cakes, but there's always room for improvement and more baking knowledge."

5. "7/8 years ago vs. now.""

"I actually used to share these photos and recipes on a blog and they always got great comments, I don't know why! Also why were all my photos so ORANGE? I actually run a cake company of my own now, called Lily Pink Bakery, and am all self-taught, so I guess practice does work!"


6. "First cake I ever made on the left, second cake a year later."

7. "First cake I ever made on the left, second cake a year later."

8. "Photos on the left are from March. Photos on the right are from August."

9. "Never give up!"

"There were a lot of screw-ups in my journey that I didn't take pictures of because I was too embarrassed. Look at those first pictures and how awful that is, so you know they were bad! Practice really does get you there! Started making crappy flowers and crooked cakes, and now I'm on to sugar cookies, fondant work, and cupcakes."


10. "Started off with cookies and the world's worst-looking cupcakes. Now, I can make a boat out of cake!"

11. "First gingerbread house attempt vs. two years later."

12. "Just keep baking!"

"From store-bought decor to delicate handmade toppings like meringues, bark and cookies and canned icing and sprinkles to Swiss meringue buttercream and sugared and painted fruits."


13. "The top left was my first attempt at macarons…or, as they turned out, macawrongs."

"The rest are more recent batches from after I figured out how to whip egg whites correctly and did a lot of obsessive googling for troubleshooting tips."

– michellel4f4ae4ce3

14. "I started out 'decorating' (I use that term loosely for my early cakes) in 2012. Since then I have, through trial and error, strengthened my skills and have created some pretty cool cakes!"

"I always get excited when I'm asked to make a cake because I take it as an opportunity to learn something. I feel like I get a little better with each one! I still have those moments when something isn't turning out the way I envisioned and that gets frustrating, but overall it's a great stress-reliever."


15. "The first time I tried to make macarons I used a thick almond meal instead of superfine almond flour – so instead of beautiful, delicate cookies they were dense, grainy disasters!"

16. "Big difference!"

17. "Transformation over the years"

18. "I went from basic layered desserts to making everything homemade."

"I have fallen in love with the entire process of baking breads – it feels so satisfying to get a great end result. That star bread was on my first try. That would have never happened two years ago on the first try!"


19. "Above is one of my earliest attempts at decorating sugar cookies (beyond spooning icing onto them)."

"Eight years later and I’ve gotten a lot neater thanks to following cookie decorating blogs."


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