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    It's Officially Autumn: Here's The 16 Things You're Going To Need

    RIP summer, we miss you.

    1. When torrential downpour becomes a regular occurence, the cheap and cheerful umbrella you picked up a while ago might not cut it. This fast-drying one is designed to handle powerful winds without turning inside out!

    2. Autumn is unfortunately the season where spiders pop up in your home. Stop them in their tracks with this ultrasonic pest repeller that is non-toxic, chemical-free, and safe for children and pets (excluding rodents) to be around.

    3. These waterproof Chelsea boots will keep your feet dry on drizzly days, so no more soaked socks after stepping in a puddle.

    4. This luxurious, fluffy electric blanket is the perfect thing to keep you warm now the temperatures have dropped.

    5. Opaque tights season is finally here! So this year you may as well get yourself some sturdy ones that'll last, like these run-resistant tights that are designed to not roll down and come in a pack of two .

    6. Suffer from super-chapped lips in the cold weather? Try this multi-purpose ointment made in Australia from pure papaws (or papaya to you and me).

    7. And if the cold takes a particularly tough toll on your hands, this seriously hardcore hand cream is THE one to try.

    8. The amount of vitamin D we get drops in autumn and winter because of the lack of sunlight, and that's where this fatigue-fighting vitamin D spray comes in.

    9. Going from air-con to central heating can cause loads of annoying problems like static and dry skin, so consider this quiet and eye-catching humidifier that you can put essential oils in.

    10. The rain + makeup is a terrible combination, but this setting spray will keep it in place and can also be used as a primer.

    11. It's getting to that time of year where it's dark when you wake up and dark when you get home from work, so try this sunrise-mimicking alarm clock that wakes you up with a gradually brightening light.

    12. Static hair is the WORST and it peaks towards the last few months of the year. Thankfully this heat protection spray (which has 10 benefits to it) is anti-static!

    13. This hand warmer doubles up as a power bank to charge your phone. We live in the future.

    14. From October onwards, fireworks become hard to avoid. If they make your dog nervous try this anxiety coat which applies consistent pressure onto your dog's core to calm them.

    15. You know what it's like, you're at home, you're all toasty, and then remember you need to put the bins out. Luckily these cosy, memory foam slippers are designed for outdoor use too!

    16. A rain jacket? In Autumn? Groundbreaking. But seriously, no matter how obvious it is, you probably could use this waterproof, windproof jacket for those days where the weather is being unpredictable.