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Answer These Yes Or No Questions And We'll Tell You If You're A Perfectionist

Are you already worried about getting the "perfect" score?

  1. Do you prefer to be the leader in group projects?

  2. Does everything in your home have its own place?

  3. Are you good at finishing projects?

  4. Do you put a lot of thought into what to put on the first page of a new notebook?

  5. Have you ever re-washed dishes because the other person did a bad job?

  6. Do you usually stick exactly to recipes when cooking?

  7. Would you rather hand in "perfect" work past the deadline instead of not-so-perfect work on time?

  8. Would you do a hobby "just for fun" even if you weren't good at it?

  9. Would a big inaccuracy in a movie affect your enjoyment of it?

  10. Do you frequently triple-check emails before sending them, or get someone else to check?

  11. Are to-do lists a part of your everyday life?

  12. And finally, does this picture stress you out?

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