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18 Small But Annoying Things About Being A Woman That Nobody Warns You About

"Men: seriously why do you need such a big bag????? Also men: can I put this in your bag."

1. Trying to align your hair-wash cycle with your plans:

a tragedy: when your hair-wash cycle doesn't coordinate w/ an event & you overestimate the amount of time in which your hair can last w/o being washed

2. Rushing out of the shower whenever you're on your period:

when u get out of the shower on ur period & it’s a race between you, time, and gravity

3. Dealing with your friends' not-so-great boyfriends:

i hate when my friend starts dating an idiot and i have to be like how could you bring this man into our lives

4. Lending a hair tie you won't get back:

5. Being judged for your useful big bag:

Men: seriously why do you need such a big bag????? Also men: can I put this in your bag

6. Perfume wearing off so quickly:

Perfume is a scam. Women spray some perfume and the smell will fade after a few hours. Men spray some cologne and you can smell it for 2 years

7. Headphones not being a big enough indicator that you want to be left alone:

8. Missing a spot when shaving:

9. Working out how to thank multiple people on Instagram:

Girls literally have to come up with about 10 different ways of how to thank you to ppl who comment on their insta photos LOOOL the hassle

10. Everything about underboob sweat:

Twitter gets a bad rap but let me just say that 20 years ago women did not talk about the shared truth of underboob sweat, we internalized it as our own secret shame when we could have been weaponizing it against our enemies, long live Boob Sweat Twitter

11. The lack of pockets in your clothes:

exec: So what do we think women want in fashion? women: Pocke-- exec: Cold shoulder tops in pastels. Got it. women: Pock-- exec: Clothes with pre-made holes in delicate fabrics. women: Po-- exec: Cut-outs in flabby areas. Good. women: POCKET-- exec: Shapes that require new bras!

12. Working out where to eat when your partner asks you:

What you want to eat? Literally every girl on the planet:

13. Literally just everything about dating:

It takes the whole cast of queer eye to do what most straight women have to do alone in every single relationship they've ever been in

14. Experiencing summer when you have boobs:

it’s so hot 😩 i wish i could put my titties in a ponytail

15. Strapless bras not doing their job:

Wakandan technology is so advanced their bandeaus stay in place through intense physical combat meanwhile I cannot find a strapless bra that can withstand the force of a vigorous page turn

16. Only enjoying how your hair looks for brief, fleeting moments:

17. Struggling to find regular ol' clothes:

18. And going through at least one bangs-related crisis in your lifetime:

personally i believe wanting bangs is almost never about wanting bangs and if u want bangs u should go to therapy first