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    24 Trending Products That People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

    From a water flosser to a gadget that'll help you toilet train your dog.

    Amazon's "movers and shakers" section features products that are moving up the sales rankings and are basically ~hot right now~. Here are some of the things people are currently loving!

    1. You can use this gua sha scraper tool on your face to reduce the appearance of puffiness.

    2. If you need a little help drifting off, it's well worth considering this highly-rated and inexpensive pillow spray. It contains relaxing lavender and chamomile essential oils and, judging from the 4.5-star average rating based on thousands of reviews, it really does work!

    3. This set of tweezers features a variety of tips to tackle your different needs – whether you're doing your eyebrows or trying to remove a pesky ingrown hair on your leg.

    4. Make everything from burgers to toasties with this incredibly versatile George Foreman griddle. It heats up quickly and has a non-stick coating that makes it easy to clean.

    5. This highly-rated water flosser uses water jets to clean the gaps between your teeth that you can't reach while brushing.

    6. Work out all those aches and knots in your shoulders and back thanks to this shiatsu electric massager. It even has a heated function!

    7. If it looks like you may be WFH for the long haul, it's well worth investing in this ergonomic office chair that's surprisingly affordable.

    8. These reusable lint removers will shave away lint, fluff, and bobbles from your fabrics without causing them damage.

    9. This deep conditioner by John Frieda defines, detangles, and nourishes curly hair in just three to five minutes.

    10. This durable and weather-resistant outdoor storage box is perfect for keeping your garden-related bits and bobs dry and out of the way.

    11. This O.P.I nail strengthening treatment also adds a bit of colour to your talons, so you can get a cute manicure and longer, stronger nails at the same time!

    12. This Tower air fryer will give you crispy chicken and chips without the need to use loads of oil. Alongside frying, you can bake, grill, and roast food with this thing!

    13. If you and your partner prefer to sleep at different temperatures, this (frankly genius) Slumberdown duvet is the perfect solution. There's a thinner cool side and a thicker cosy side, so everyone is happy!

    14. The weather is heating up, so wear these seamless shorts under your dress or skirt to help reduce chafing. Reviewers rave about how soft and comfortable they are!

    15. This multipack of Dettol disinfectant sprays can be used on hard surfaces and upholstery alike. There's no need to wipe it down after spraying and it'll make your home smell like fresh linen – what more could you ask for?

    16. This "magic" nail polish remover really lives up to its name – it'll take off gel nail polish in as little as two to three minutes without the need for foil, soaking, or wrapping!

    17. This Maybelline lipgloss contains hyaluronic acid, so it'll hydrate your pout as well as plumpen it.

    18. If you got a dog over lockdown, this clever toilet training tool might come in handy. You can train your dog to simply tap one of its bells when they need to go outside, and because the bells are at three different height levels it's suitable for all kinds of breeds.

    19. Next time you get a spot, pop one of these acne absorbing patches on it. It'll extract the gunk out of your spot while you sleep, helping to reduce its appearance. The patches also protect your pimple from further irritants (i.e., you touching it against your better judgement).

    20. The biotin and collagen-infused OGX hair products in this set are all designed to give you thicker and fuller-looking locks.

    21. This full-coverage Rimmel foundation can stand up to heat and humidity and lasts for up to 25 hours.

    22. This sleek and understated bedside table lamp features 13 different colour modes and five levels of brightness.

    23. I think these absolutely beeautiful string lights will have your garden guests buzzing.

    24. This Mulberry silk face covering looks chic and feels comfortable against the skin, so you can make a style statement next time you're doing the food shop.