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    27 Beauty Products That Give Expensive-Looking Results On A Cheap Budget

    These are all affordable and effective.

    1. This at-home lash lift kit is incredible value for money – it can be used over ten times and delivers some seriously impressive results.

    2. If you want your skin to feel thoroughly clean, this L'Oreal Paris charcoal face mask will do the trick! It draws out impurities for a clearer complexion.

    3. Keep your makeup looking fresh all day with this long-lasting setting spray from NYX. It creates a matte finish that makes it perfect for anyone whose skin errs on the oilier side.

    4. If you thought you had to blowdry your hair to avoid frizz, think again. This OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Air-Dry cream adds shine and controls flyways so your hair dries smooth and soft without the need for heat.

    5. Remove brassiness from your blonde locks with this PRO:VOKE purple shampoo. It gets rid of yellow and orange tones for a ~cool~ look from the first wash.

    6. Treat your skin to some intense nourishment with this coconut Garnier sheet mask. In just fifteen minutes, its blend of coconut and hyaluronic acid rehydrates and revives your skin for a glowing look.

    7. Get a false-lash look without the effort thanks to this Maybelline mascara! The hourglass-shaped brush coats even the smallest of lashes for a volumised and lengthened look with plenty of curl.

    8. There's lots of electric face cleansing brushes on the market, but this one is affordable and highly rated. The silicone bristles massage your skin to clear debris from your pores, and there's three intensity modes to choose from depending on your skin type.

    9. There's a reason this vitamin C serum has a 4.4-star average rating from over 48,000 reviews – it reduces the appearance of fine lines and sun spots to leave you with glowing, smoother skin.

    10. Get longer, thicker lashes the easy way with this powerful serum. It's designed to extend their growth phase and increase keratin production!

    11. You'll feel like you've had a pedicure after using this exfoliating foot mask. Just pop the socks on once for an hour and within three to five days the hard skin on your feet will start peeling away!

    12. Banish dark circles in no time at all thanks to this Instant Age Eraser concealer from Maybelline. It delivers high coverage while still remaining blendable.

    13. These hydrocolloid patches will absorb the gunk out of your spots, helping to minimise their appearance. They're thin, breathable, and can be worn over makeup!

    14. Customers say this hair growth shampoo really does deliver some impressive results. As well as stimulating hair growth, it strengthens hair from breakage and unclogs the pores on your scalp.

    15. This vitamin C cleansing oil will thoroughly cleanse your skin without it feeling tight or dry afterwards. Once it comes into contact with water it develops a milky consistency that glides effortlessly over skin to dissolve makeup.

    16. This egg-shaped soap contains glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells and leave you looking radiant! It's also got glycerin, olive oil, and aloe vera for a boost of hydration.

    17. This highlighter palette contains four highly-pigmented shades that'll give you a gorgeous shimmer – and all for under £7!

    18. The effects of this peel-off brow gel tint last for up to three days, and it's incredibly satisfying to use. The formula is smudge proof, transfer proof, and waterproof!

    19. People with damaged hair, rejoice! This repairing papaya hair mask from Garnier nourishes hair and reduces the appearance of split ends. As if that wasn't enough, a massive 98% of its ingredients are of natural origin!

    20. Define and shape your curls with this primer. Use it on freshly washed hair for perfect curls and then apply between washes to reshape your hair as and when you need to.

    21. This acne cream has salicylic acid to increase cell turnover and safflower seed oil to reduce sebum production. I highly recommend you look at the before and after pictures in the reviews section to see just how impressive this cream is!

    22. Avoid that annoying 'shiny forehead' problem by keeping this Insta Fix & Matte powder from Rimmel in your makeup bag. Alongside mattifying, it'll set your makeup and reduce the appearance of pores.

    23. This multipurpose Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer does it all – from brightening to smoothing and protecting your skin from environmental aggressors. Wear it under makeup as a primer or by itself for fresh-looking skin.

    24. This extensive set of makeup brushes has a 4.6-star average rating from over 60,000 reviews. At under a tenner, how can you go wrong?

    25. If you struggle to find a lip balm that truly helps your dry, chapped lips, it's well worth giving O'Keeffe's Lip Repair a try. Alongside providing up to eight hours of hydration, it stays in place even after eating and drinking.

    26. This L'Oreal Elvive Wonder Water really lives up to its name. It takes just eight seconds to work its smoothing, shine-inducing magic before you rinse it out and enjoy the results.

    27. If your hair tends to feel quite dry, this Faith In Nature shampoo bar has shea butter and coconut to make it softer. It doesn't contain any moisture-stripping sulphates either!