18 Adorable Stationery Items You Need If You're Obsessed With Cats

    They're impawssibly cute.

    1. These pens:

    2. Or these more ~understated~ ones:

    3. These pen holders:

    4. Or you could store your pens in this pencil case:

    5. These highlighters:

    6. These cat paperclips:

    7. This planner featuring multiple kitties:

    8. This notebook:

    9. These sticky notes:

    10. These scented erasers:

    11. These flash cards:

    12. This cat memo pad:

    13. This pocket notebook:

    14. This array of washi tape:

    15. And these tape dispensers:

    16. These rulers:

    17. This to-do list notepad:

    18. And, for when you're feeling fancy AF, these personalised notecards: