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    19 Traditions With Long-Distance Friends That Will Help Keep You Sane

    Not catching feelings — only flights to my best friends.

    1. Scheduling video chats because face-to-face is so much better.

    TLC / Via

    Let me see that face!

    2. Sending (or receiving) surprise packages with personalized goodies in them.


    The delivery man is basically my bestie now, too.

    3. Watching streamed comedy shows together, even in different time zones.

    Hulu / Via

    Look, a good laugh has no time preference.

    4. Giving (or getting) a random Venmo transaction for meals we can’t enjoy together.

    TV Land / Via

    Take it. I want shared custody of the food baby, though.

    5. Exchanging funny Instagram posts throughout the day.

    Lliza / Via GIPHY.COM

    Hey, there’s a lot to share within a 24-hour period.

    6. Swapping photos of our fur babies doing cute AF things.

    I’m finally an aunt to something — no thanks to my actual relatives.

    7. Venting about our jobs and encouraging each other to keep going.

    Don’t let the bastards get you down.

    8. Reminiscing about the good times before the move.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    It’s 2020. Why isn’t there a time machine for sale at Target yet?

    9. Requesting makeup and outfit critiques via Snapchat.

    Is this cute? Even from way over there?

    10. Sending cards and gifts on each other’s birthday.

    I’m there in spirit. Never mind — that’s just creepy.

    11. Immediately updating each other about new jobs, projects, etc.

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    Let me tell you about this glow up really quick.

    12. Suggesting new things to try and then reporting back about the experience.

    Guava Juice / Via

    Pictures or it really didn’t even happen.

    13. Cooking sessions that turn into wine sipping and then gossip.

    CBS / Via

    Eat, sip, and then spill that tea.

    14. Making instant calls whenever I find out something odd about my new state.

    TLC / Via

    For example, Pennsylvania is hella into Groundhog’s Day.

    15. Helping to plan each other’s get-togethers where we'll both be M.I.A.

    Shalita Grant / Via

    Yes, you can be fashionably late to your own function. Just provide refreshments.

    16. Gushing over the first time we met and how far we’ve come.

    The Ellen Degeneres Show / Via

    I’m not crying. You’re crying.

    17. Creating a book club (because we definitely need to read more).

    Saatva Mattress / Via

    So, about that last chapter.

    18. Revisiting inside jokes that make no sense, but all of the sense.


    Seriously, where do we even come up with this crap?

    19. Planning an annual trip to see each other — once it's safe to do so again.

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    BRB — catching a flight.

    What do you do to keep close with your long-distance friends? Let us know in the comments!