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19 Things To Do During Black History Month, But Don't Stop There

February's short, so consider also doing these things throughout the year.

1. Buy from a Black-owned business.

Oxygen / Via

They're not hard to find.

2. And like, share, review, and support said businesses.

Flamingo Services / Via

It sounds small, but it really helps these businesses.

3. Donate to a HBCU.

The gates of a college are part of brick pillars.
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images / Via

You have more than a few to choose from.

4. Send a care package.

5. Catch up on some important documentaries.

New Line Cinema / Via

Learning about the past dictates how much you understand and comprehend about the present.

6. Support places trying to preserve Black history.

An abstract building with multiple floors stands tall against a clear blue sky.
Judd Brotman / Getty Images / Via

Think museums or small local groups.

7. Introduce yourself to new, Black artists.

Peopleimages / Getty Images / Via

You're in for a pretty enjoyable rabbit hole.

8. Do not be silent about racism in your own community.

WNBA / Via

Speak up.

9. Donate to a Black organization.

Showtime / Via

Why not?

10. Volunteer for a cause that's bigger than you.

If you can't give anything, give your time.

11. Visit (even virtually) a Black culture event.

You never know what you may learn and who you might meet.

12. Ask questions.

The Internet / Via

Educate yourself on perspectives different than yours.

13. Support a Black media outlet.

Nicktoons Productions / Nickelodeon Network / Via

Imagine the stress of being in media right now?

14. Find meaningful and thought-provoking threads on social media.

Darkbean / Via

People are talking and it's usually on a convenient platform for you to tune in to.

15. Learn about the Black Lives Matter movement.

16. Find a way to honor and support Black veterans.

The unrecognizable mid adult female doctor works on diagnosing the problem the mid adult female soldier is having with her arm.
Sdi Productions / Getty Images

Their fight is our fight.

17. Tune in to forums with guest speakers.

LeVar Burton / Via

Hey, we're in a heavily digital age. You'll find something.

18. Reassess your allyship.

Multi-racial friends join hands to show "Stop Racism" writer on them.
Vladimir Vladimirov / Getty Images

Allyship is more than just being a friend.

19. Don't let a month dictate how frequently you choose to do any of the above.

Iliza / Via

Be genuine throughout the year.

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