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    These Pet Owners Shared Their Sweetest Pet Moments And My Heart Just Exploded

    Pets rule everything around me.

    Aren't pets the greatest? Whether they're yours or someone else's, you can't beat the bonds they're willing to form.

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    So it's no surprise that when u/tpphypemachine asked, "What's the sweetest thing your pet has done?" on Reddit, people had so much to say.

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    I picked out some of the most genuine answers to the thread. Check them out:

    1. "My dog was 14 when I went off to university. When I went home for Thanksgiving (a few days early), I was able to sneak off to see my best friend the night I got in. When I got home around 1 a.m., I was greeted by the sight of my dog at the bottom of the stairs, and my mom telling me he had been watching the door for 2 hours, fighting falling asleep until I got home. Melted my heart."

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    2. "Our guinea pig heard my husband losing his shit when the Cubs won the World Series and started calling to him, worried that he was in trouble. She wouldn’t calm down until he picked her up so she knew he was okay."

    3. "My cat used to lick my hair and forehead when I cried because I was bullied in primary school."

    4. "My cat lies her face on my face to cuddle me. I love it so much."

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    5. "Every time I sniffle, my dog comes to investigate whether I'm upset or if it's just allergies. If I'm upset, he licks my tears and curls up against my chest. If it's allergies, he goes back to his recliner chair. He is the kindest soul I have ever met."

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    6. "My cat comes into my room at night and lies on my chest and purrs. It's incredibly soothing."

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    7. "My Rottweiler likes to hold hands. He will keep putting his paw in your lap until you hold it and pat it lol."

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    8. "I had a hairless rat named Peachie who would escape from her cage at night to snuggle in my bed with me as I slept."

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    9. "My bratty beautiful calico cat uncharacteristically cuddled up to me and comforted me after my grandma died."

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    10. "Sometimes our rabbit will sit next to us while we watch TV."

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    11. "My cat nudges me with his head and his paws until I lift the blanket up so that he can snuggle with me. Every night for six years and I still melt when he does it."

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    12. "I was very sick at home from school and my parents were at work. My dog lay by my side the whole time. Never asked to go out the whole day, he just lay there with me. He was an awesome dog."

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    13. "My dog loves babies. One time, he saw a woman with her little daughter in a stroller, walking just in front of my house. So he decided to grab one of his toys (a plush flower), went to the stroller and put it on the floor, as a gift."

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    14. "If I ever put my face near my rabbit’s, she immediately starts licking my nose."

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    15. "One of my cats, Cole, puts his front legs up around my neck when I pick him up to cuddle, it's the cutest thing ever."

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    16. "One day, when I had a cold and couldn't move from my bed, my cat curled himself on my neck (like a scarf), and started purring. Didn't move for the whole day, even when my mother called him for dinner."

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    17. "When I fell in a ditch and broke my arm, my dog rushed back home to get my parents. That was pretty cool."

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    18. "My pet cockatiel crawled into the hoodie I was wearing and started to sleep."

    19. "My hamster knew when I was upset and she’d get extra snuggly with me until I stopped crying and calmed down. I miss her so much still and it’s been years since she died."

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    What sweet moment do you want to add? Share in the comments below!