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    19 Things Netflix's "Concrete Cowboy" Makes You Appreciate

    Trust me. It'll wrangle your heartstrings.

    I've been surviving on hope and streaming services for the past year, so when there's an opportunity to watch a good movie, I dive right in.

    Netflix's Concrete Cowboy takes us to Philadelphia, following the narratives of urban Black cowboys. Naturally, the movie touched on plenty of heart-tugging themes that kept me hooked.

    Courtesy Netflix

    Here are 19 reasons you should add it to your watch list.

    1. Four words: Black cowboys and cowgirls.

    2. Idris Elba plays a cowboy, y'all.

    3. Caleb McLaughlin is all grown up, flexing his acting skills, in the role of Cole.

    4. Cole's relationship with Boo is the cutest thing ever.

    Cole riding his horse Boo
    Jessica Kourkounis / Netflix

    Boo is a horse, FYI.

    5. The movie is based on an actual neighborhood and riding crew in Philly.

    6. And some of the characters are part of the Philly riders IRL.

    You might be surprised to learn the origin of the term Cowboy (🎥 Concrete Cowboy)

    @Netflix / Via Twitter

    So now they've added acting to their résumés.

    7. The audience is introduced to a part of Philly that's not often talked about.

    Aaron Ricketts / Netflix / Via Twitter

    I was very much educated.

    8. Method Man plays the friendly neighborhood cop.

    Method Man confronts Idris Elba
    Netlfix / Via Courtesy Everett Collection

    He's cool when he wants to be.

    9. Idris and Caleb have a heartfelt father-and-son scene that's too sweet for words.

    10. There's a little splash of romance in the movie too.

    11. The men and women are treated equally within the horse-riding group.

    The yeehaw agenda (shout out @theyeehawagenda ❤️) doesn't just exist in one region of the country. It still thrives in North Philly. #ConcreteCowboy

    @strongblacklead / Via Twitter

    Don't forget the ladies.

    12. And the horses do not disappoint.

    13. You'll likely want to try your luck at horseback riding after watching the movie.

    14. There's a reasonable amount of drama throughout the film.

    15. Did I mention that Idris Elba is in the movie?

    Giphy / Via

    My bad. I just wanted to reiterate.

    16. You can't beat a coming-of-age movie with tons of life lessons in it.

    Idris and Caleb on horseback
    Aaron Ricketts / © Netflix / Via Courtesy Everett Collection

    Idris and Caleb make a dope father-son duo.

    17. You get to see the strength in community.

    "Home ain't a place, it's a fam." #CONCRETECOWBOY

    @strongblacklead / Via Twitter

    It takes a village.

    18. There's a little bit of a community-made miracle with one of the riders.

    Product Hunt / Via

    You'll know it when you see it.

    19. And overall, there's an amazing sense of pride throughout the film.

    Cowboys and cowgirls sit on their horses side-by-side
    Jessica Kourkounis / © Netflix / Via Courtesy Everett Collection

    I was so here for it.

    Are you planning to watch Concrete Cowboy? Already watched it? Let us know in the comments.

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