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    19 Moments From "Sylvie's Love" That'll Make You Swoon Like It's No One's Business

    "See you later, alligator."

    For anyone who's watched Sylvie's Love on Amazon Prime, here are the top 19 sweetest moments from the film.

    Nicola Goode / © Amazon / Courtesy Everett Collection


    1. When Robert first sees Sylvie through the window of the record store.

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    Love at first sight isn't even a bold enough statement to describe the magic.

    2. When Sylvie has a solo dance party and Robert catches her in the act.

    3. When Sylvie first hears Robert play the saxophone.

    Three men playing instruments
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    Instruments are basically an instant winner over.

    4. When they have a very sweet, but short slow dance after Robert's gig.

    5. When Sylvie gives Robert a goodnight kiss and then comes back for seconds.

    A man stands in front of a woman stoop as she walks up her steps.
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    Hey, the woman knows what she wants!

    6. When Sylvie tells Robert he is extraordinary and they dance in the street.

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    These are two dancing fools in love.

    7. When the two of them spend the summer doing all the oh-so-cute things like riding bikes and watching movies.

    8. When Robert serenades Sylvie with his saxophone outside of her bedroom window.

    9. When Sylvie and Robert kiss goodbye and she watches him drive off.

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    Thankfully, this isn't goodbye.

    10. When Robert asks Sylvie to go to Paris with him.

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    Just when you thought this movie couldn't get any more romantic.

    11. When Sylvie and Robert see each other again after five years.

    Tessa and Nnamdi
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    Spark, meet everlasting flame.

    12. When Sylvie takes matters into her own hands and shows up at Robert's hotel room.

    A woman and a man embrace each other in a hotel room and kiss.
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    These two are like magnets.

    13. When Robert sends Sylvie a ticket to his show.

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    As if she hasn't had enough serenading.

    14. When Sylvie gets a promotion and walks around her fancy office.

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    You deserve it, sis.

    15. When Lacy tells Sylvie that he just wanted to be the man of her dreams.

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    Unfortunately, there isn't enough room on Sylvie's Cloud 9 for a third wheel.

    16. When Robert says he wants to meet Michelle aka his daughter.

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    They cried. I cried — the end.

    17. When Sylvie tells Robert that he's a man trying his best.

    A woman stairs intently at a man who is distressed.
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    Sylvie is officially my favorite ride or die chick.

    18. When Sylvie tells Robert she can't be happy without him in her life.

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    She ain't going anywhere, Robert.

    19. And he jokingly tells her that they're stuck with each other.

    What was your favorite moment from Sylvie's Love? Let us know in the comments!

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