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Megan Thee Stallion Instagram Posts That Brought 2020 To Its Knees

This one's for the hotties.

1. These pics of Megan's fur babies that were the best distractions ever.

2. This video that gave us a taste of her acting skills, and she could totally be in the next Scary Movie.

3. When she recorded her first makeup tutorial video and it was phenomenal.

4. When she used her downtime to show some love to the class of 2020

5. This picture of her lounge around look that was so relatable.

6. When she revealed that she likes to play video games.

7. And then (in the most bad ass way possible) when she showed us who her favorite Mortal Kombat character is.

8. When her dog mom photos never got old.

9. When everything "WAP" related was an automatic attention-grabber.

10. This fierce Variety magazine cover that made us miss our stylists.

11. When she picked up fishing and her excitement about the new hobby was adorable.

12. When she gave a sweet birthday shoutout to Bey.

13. When she partied to "WAP" with her friends and created instant FOMO.

14. This clip from the SNL premiere that was everything.

15. The powerful video that accompanied her New York Times opinion piece.

16. But, for real. There was no way she could post too many pictures of her pups. NEVER.

17. When every post that she wore and promoted Savage Fenty products was a jaw-dropper.

18. When she teased her album, Good News.

19. And then the "Body" dance challenge took over the internet.