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    36 Dogs From Instagram That Are Living Their Best Lives

    These dogs are just too cool.

    Dogs are simply the best whether you get the chance to own one or ignore all of the humans when you encounter one in public.

    But, let's be honest, some of them are truly living their best lives without any worries and I'm jealous.

    We can learn a few lessons from these 36 pups about letting loose:

    1. This dog who's obviously the life of the party.

    2. This pup who's a relentless Sniffany & Co. enthusiast.

    3. This corgi taking in all of the sun (and cuddles) on the beach.

    4. These two making the cutest fashion statement.

    5. This sleepy guy taking the best nap ever.

    6. This little pup getting all the gifts and some.

    7. This pup rockin' comfortable pajamas because why not?

    8. These guys having some water fun.

    9. This pup indulging in that good old TLC.

    10. These guys celebrating a birthday and partying like rockstars.

    11. This Frenchie going on adventures.

    12. This pup about to enjoy two scoops of I want some.

    13. This guy dreaming about more puppuchinos

    14. This pup being the flower child I always wanted to be.

    15. And, recreating an iconic Disney movie scene.

    16. This pup that's worth a late-night fast food run for sure.

    17. These two pups blissfully sharing a popsicle.

    18. This pup that makes me wish I was at a pool party.

    19. This pup soaking in the sandy scenery.

    20. This pup sitting like royalty and making sure everyone knows it.

    21. These pups enjoying a winter wonderland.

    22. This doggo giving me all the hiking envy.

    23. This pups that's driving in style.

    24. This cutie sitting next to a nice cold one.

    25. This corgi enjoying the finer things in life.

    26. This pup having an amazing Friday night in.

    27. This pup enjoying the perfect spot on a beach.

    28. This daschund met with a freshly prepared meal.

    29. This pup being quite the host.

    30. These two going wherever the fun is...even if it leads to mud.

    31. This pup looking dapper just because.

    32. This pup getting the best cure for a sweet tooth.

    33. This pup redefining a snow day.

    34. This doggo delivering packages of cuteness.

    35. This guy giving the super hero industry a shot.

    36. Hammock life — enough said.