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    19 Lines From The First "Euphoria" Special Episode That Are Beyond Sob-Worthy

    "As someone who tried really hard to be someone I couldn't."

    🚨Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Rue's Euphoria special episode. And this post mentions suicide.🚨

    1. "I feel like I've found, like, this amazing balance where I'm like happy and healthy and I'm not looking to anybody else for that happiness, you know?" —Rue

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    Needless to say, Jules had Rue's heartstrings in knots.

    2. "Sobriety is your greatest weapon." —Ali

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    Ali is an advocate I'd love to have in my life.

    3. "To tell you the truth, drugs are probably the only reason I haven't killed myself." —Rue

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    Things got real — make it stop.

    4. "You didn't come out of the womb an evil person." —Ali

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    Always with the knowledge. That's Ali for ya.

    5. "You've been fighting a losing game since the first day you got high." —Ali

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    Even when Rue can't find sympathy, Ali's there to help.

    6. "So, you're saying the reason my dad died is because God didn't believe in him?" —Rue

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    And, now I'm back to sobbing about Rue, her sister, and mom trying to move on without her dad.

    7. "A true revolution has no allies." —Ali

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    Ali needs to just have a TedTalk already.

    8. "Well, why does your life have a purpose and my dad's doesn't?" —Rue

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    Just start shining that next Emmy now, Zendaya.

    9. "You've got to believe in the poetry because everything else in your life will fail you, including yourself." —Ali

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    I need this on every bumper sticker and Post It note that I own.

    10. "Everything's that good to you ain't always good for you" —Miss Marsha

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    11. "Baby, trouble don't last always." —Miss Marsha

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    Miss Marsha's grandmother's wisdom is goals.

    12. "It's not even the lies that hurt, you know? It's the fact that you're never really emotionally prepared for someone to leave you." —Rue

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    Come back, Jules. You hurt Rue and I just don't have time for it.

    13. "Drugs change who you are as a person." —Ali

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    Who knew two people could unmask so much in a diner booth?

    14. "The sentence that you have given yourself is that you, Rue Bennett, are beyond forgiveness." —Ali

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    Keepin' it real, per usual.

    15. "Ali, I just don't really plan on being here that long, and that's the tough part about all of this, you know?" —Rue

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    Cue the tears.

    16. "Everyone's just out to make everyone else not seem like human and I don't really wanna be a part of it" —Rue

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    That part. People suck.

    17. "How do you want your mom and sister to remember you?" —Ali

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    No, no. Including fam = first class ticket to "Sob Town."

    18. "As someone who tried really hard to be someone I couldn't." —Rue

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    I don't care what anatomy says, my heart dropped to my toes when Rue said this.

    19. And finally, "I got faith in you." —Ali

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    Don't we all, Rue. Don't we all.

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. Other international suicide helplines can be found at You can also text TALK to 741741 for free, anonymous 24/7 crisis support in the US from the Crisis Text Line.

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