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    Chester From "Genera+ion" Is My New Favorite TV Character

    I'm a certified stan.

    HBO Max's Genera+ion is in its first season and follows the lives of teenagers navigating high school, exploring their sexuality.

    When it comes to television shows, it usually takes me quite a few episodes before I can say one character is my favorite. I try to consider if I could see myself being friends with this person.

    And then, like a pink glittery comet falling from cloud 9, Chester (played by Justice Smith) blessed the show and almost immediately turned me into a stan.

    Chester is everything you'd want in a best friend. He's smart, funny, open, honest, dedicated, and an equal balance of sassy and wise. If that's not the whole package, I don't know what is.

    A fashionably dressed teenager lowers the lenses on his sunglasses as he addresses someone.
    HBO Max / Via

    Also, I immediately wanted to dive into his closet and somehow absorb all of that die-hard confidence he has in high school.

    A fashionably dresses teenager looks at his phone as he walks through his school.
    HBO Max / Via

    Did I mention he has a hilariously dark sense of humor and a sensitive side?

    To me, he's the friend who adapts to each person's unique needs when they can use it.

    HBO Max / Via

    He'll go from talking intense, real-life things with you in an aquarium to jumping off a ship to help you.

    HBO Max / Via

    Oh, and he'll even ride shotgun so that you can learn to drive and put both of your lives in jeopardy.

    Two teens are driving wildly in a car in an empty parking lot.
    HBO Max / Via

    I'm convinced Chester is the one friend I was truly missing in high school...

    ...and I'd relive the not-so-amazing four years of high school if he was by my side exploring rooftops and cussing out irrelevant people.

    HBO Max / Via

    Which TV character could have totally been your best friend in high school?