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    37 Lines From "Malcolm & Marie" I Was Just Not Prepared For At All

    I hope you're buckled up.

    I was super excited to watch Malcolm & Marie on Netflix because I felt like it would be a magnificent powerhouse of talent with Zendaya and John David Washington acting together.

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    Little did I know that the excruciatingly honest characters would truly make viewers dive head-first into a pool of emotions, over and over again.



    Here are 37 of the best (likely to make you feel not-so-great) lines in the film:

    1. "I know when nothing is something." —Malcolm

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    And, so it begins.

    2. "Well, maybe you can't read me." —Marie

    3. "Do you want salted or unsalted butter?" —Marie

    4. "Malcolm, I promise you, nothing productive is going to be said tonight." —Marie


    Boy, was she wrong.

    5. "Why is it that anytime anything good happens in our lives you have to find something, anything the most minor fucking detail to harp on, to make ugly to ensure there's no reason to fucking celebrate?" —Malcolm

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    Well, tell us how you really feel.

    6. "You forgot to thank me, Malcolm. It's not a minor fucking detail. That's a big one." —Marie

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    A little bit of gratitude would have rerouted the entire argument.

    7. "I didn't cheat on you." —Malcolm

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    This was the least of her worries, in my opinion.

    8. "I didn't ask." —Marie

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    9. "You know, Marie, you are genuinely unstable." —Malcolm

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    Oh, you haven't even seen unstable yet.

    10. "If you're going to treat me like an insane person and call me fucking crazy, the least you could do is do it without casually eating macaroni and cheese." — Marie

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    I'm not entirely sure what meal would be a better choice, but I get what she's saying.

    11. "You spend your entire life catering to the feelings and the whims of literally everyone but me." —Marie

    12. "I feel like once you know someone is there for you and once you know they love you, you never actually think of them again." —Marie

    13. "It's not until you're about to lose someone that you finally pay attention." —Marie

    14. "Just don't take me for granted." —Marie

    15. "I'm the only person who tells you you're being an asshole when you're being an asshole." —Marie

    16. "Well, Malcolm, unfortunately no one can really write me except you." —Marie

    17. "You know, you are the neediest man I have ever dated." —Marie

    18. "Oh, so you gave up a career in acting to be an emotional fucking support dog." —Malcolm

    19. "Marie, when I met you, you were a fucking pilled-out disaster." —Malcolm

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    You can literally be in love with the meanest person ever.

    20. "Pick a room, get to fucking work, and stop blaming me for your inabilities to get your shit together." —Malcolm

    21. "Try slitting your wrist with a pair of nail scissors. You're not gonna wanna survive it, though, because it's embarrassing." — Marie

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    I can hardly even handle this anymore.

    22. "While I'm actually doing something, creating something, you're on the sidelines trying to justify you motherfucking existence." — Malcolm

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    How does he so effortlessly rip her to shreds, though? Yeesh.

    23. "You wanna hurt me, Marie. I promise you, I can hurt you ten times worse. You're a fucking featherweight, a level-one boss. I can snap you like a twig." —Malcolm

    24. "You're not the first broken girl I've known, fucked, or dated." —Malcolm

    25. "You may have gotten clean, but you still haven't figured this part out yet, why you love being hurt, traumatized, and fucking eviscerated?" —Malcolm

    26. "You want control because you can't imagine the reason I'm with you is because I love you. I just love you, baby. I don't need you." —Malcolm

    27. "When you first wrote it, you wrote it for me, so why didn't you cast me?" —Marie

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    She definitely proves to him that she deserved that role.

    28. "I can't articulate all the fucking chaos that's going on in here because you already did." —Marie

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    Not only did she feel unappreciated, but she also felt all used up.

    29. "You are fucking intolerable." —Malcolm

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    If only this was the worst thing Malcolm said during their argument.

    30. "You are, by far, the most excruciating difficult, stubbornly obnoxious woman I've ever met in my entire life. I go from wanting to cut your head off one moment to fucking wanting to kiss your beautiful, stupid little face the next." —Malcolm

    31. "Should we get married?" —Malcolm

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    Literally, this argument is such a roller coaster.

    32. "Not in the mood." —Marie

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    I don't see how they could muster the energy to elope.

    33. "Because of your limitations as a partner, and a filmmaker, we are both ducking for cover." —Marie

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    No holding back, I guess.

    34. "Your lack of curiosity is merely an extension of your narcissism, your megalomania, your egotistical view of the world." —Marie

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    Leave it to the person you love to truly tell you about yourself.

    35. "Thank you for always understanding that I'm not always great at expressing how I feel and it comes out in my work more than in real life. Thank you, because I know it doesn't always feel good, so I hope you can live with that." —Marie

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    Marie's final monologue is powerful AF.

    36. "I love you, Marie." —Malcolm

    37. "I'm sorry. Thank you." —Malcolm