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17 Things Chinoys Will Definitely Relate To

For all the Binondo girls (and boys) at heart ❤️

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1. Our adobo is NEVER complete without hard-boiled eggs

Mommy Gilda's / Via Facebook


2. At some point growing up, we wondered what religion we were really practicing

BuzzFeedPhilippines / Via Facebook

My family: *Goes to the temple for Buddha’s birthday*

Also my fam: *Goes to church on Sundays*

Dual religion, ganern?

3. All Chinese-Filipinos keep track of their “blood percentage”

Via YouTube

“I’m 75% Chinese.”

“Oh, really? I look more Chinese than you and I’m only 50!”

It's kind of silly, really. But we pretty much know our whole family tree.

6. Besides red envelopes, we also have red shirts/ outfits ready for birthdays...

Jasmine Ting / Via Facebook

8. Not all of us believe and practice feng shui, but tend to pay attention to our Chinese zodiac


🐭 🐮 🐯 🐰 🐉 🐍 🐴 🐑 🐒 🐔 🐶 🐷

FYI, the Pigs are supposed to have "digestive problems" this year. (Good luck nalang sa atin, mga bes.)

9. One of the things people are most curious to know is if you have a “Great Wall”

Ageless Ateneo Memes / Via Facebook

“Dude! Ano na? Did you go out with her?”

“Deins pre, may Great Wall siya eh.”

13. Strangers assume you don’t know how to speak Tagalog


Then people talk about you RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU thinking you don't understand. Except HELLOOOOO naiintindihan po namin sinasabi mo, kuya!! 🙄

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