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Top 7 Bathrooms At Baldwin

It's easy to go to the bathroom at school; It's hard to know which bathroom is the best. Don't settle for number 2... always go number 1

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7. The "Hi Babe" Bathroom

In this Bathroom, you will get to relieve yourself on one condition. Either on your way to or while you are in the bathroom, you will probably have an encounter with one of the members of the kitchen staff. After you are met with a friendly “Hi Babe” or a “Goodmorning” you can do you business. Unless you're a shy bathroom user and you awkwardly stand in the stall and wait for anyone who's in the bathroom to leave.


this bathroom is rarely occupied


this bathroom once overflowed due to Ari Hairston’s bowels

6. The Really Hot Bathroom

Why is it so hot in this bathroom? The school may never know. On a cold winter day, this bathroom is the best place to take a load off. Whether you're on your way to or from lunch or you're just passing by this bathroom will probably be empty and will never have a cold seat.


if you're cold… the bathroom is warm


if you're warm… the bathroom is also warm

5. The Grey Locker Room Bathroom

The Grey Locker room or the opposing team locker room is the best place to go to the bathroom in the athletic center. It gets much less foot traffic than the blue locker room and smells a million times better than the girl's bathroom on the second floor.


nicest smelling place in the athletic center


smaller and it’s also supposed to be the “boys” locker room

4. Library Bathroom

The place to go if you’re in the school house and need some privacy is the library bathroom. This bathroom is the largest in the schoolhouse and is also rarely occupied. But good news if it is the stall are on opposite sides of the room.


in the schoolhouse


sometimes smells bad cause its the place to go. when you really gotta go

3. Percilla's Bathroom

If you ever find yourself on the second floor of the residence check out the bathroom. If you need a quick bath, its the place to go. “Priscilla's" Bathroom is a historical landmark at Baldwin. The bathtub dates back to 1888 and is a great thing to put on you snap chat story to show people just how weird our school is.


great view out of the window


probably haunted

2. Simpson Center Bathroom

The newest bathroom on Baldwin’s campus is located in the Simpson Center. Only every used by people on Mondays, when assembly is held there, the Simpson Center bathroom is one of the best bathrooms at Baldwin. It smells new, it's clean, and if you can get in there during normal school time, it will be empty.


It’s perfect


Good luck getting in there

1. Ms. Wilke's Bathroom

And finally, the best bathroom at Baldwin is the one in Ms. Wilke’s room. The door in her office leads you into one of Baldwin best-kept secrets. You can go all 4 years of high school without using this porcelain thrown, but now, the secret is out.





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