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    17 Beauty Deals Under $20 That Are Totally Worth Your Money

    Do like makeup? Do you like sales? Do you like sales on makeup? Me too, man, me too.

    1. 78% off an appealing peel-off charcoal face mask.

    2. 20% off a Bioderma pore refiner cream that'll make you one step closer to ~porefection~.

    3. 63% off a black beauty sponge no one will be able to tell you haven't washed.

    4. 34% off an adorable headband that'll be just ~purrrfect~ for keeping your hair out of your face during your beauty routine.

    5. 52% off a set of 32 makeup brushes AND a lovely leather pouch to hold them.

    6. Or 17% off a slightly more compact set of ombre makeup brushes with a travel pouch.

    7. 47% off a Maybelline eyeshadow palette with twelve glamorous shades.

    8. 36% off an argan oil moisturizer that'll make your skin as smooth as silk.

    9. A must-have Aesthetica contour and highlighter kit with six different cream shades.

    10. 15% off a lightweight, long-lasting face powder that will actually make your makeup look flawless.

    11. 25% off a NYX blush palette guaranteed to give you the rosiest cheeks in the garden.

    12. 11% off a NYX precision liquid eyeliner pen for a clean, sharp look.

    13. Up to 34% off a Physician's Formula super shimmery highlighter you can probably see from space.

    14. 25% off a Wet 'n' Wild highlighting palette that'll give you a serious ~glow~ up.

    15. 40% off 2.8% glycolic acid exfoliating pads so that you don't fall asleep without taking care of your skin.

    16. 14% off some clutch Mario Badescu eye makeup remover that'll remove your eyeliner in a snap.

    17. 34% off a clutch NYX setting spray to keep you looking flawless for hours.

    Now you're ready to give yourself that beauty guru glow-up!

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