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    • jasminee6

      I probably would have made “The Body” #2. I was surprised to see “Once More With Feeling” so high in rank too. I have just never liked the episode, as much as I wish I could. I think “Fool for Love” is one of the best episodes in the series with the background on Spike and that last scene where he changes from trying to take her out to comforting her while she cried on the porch. It made me feel something for the character of Spike that past episodes hadn’t been able to do. I would have also liked to see “Beer Bad” a bit higher in rank (it was hilarious) and “Restless” a little higher. “Restless” was an amazing idea for a final episode for season 4. I like how Adam was taken out the episode before and this dream episode is how they ended things…and all the foreshadowing and visuals…I loved it. I also think season six was judged too harshly. It made Buffy more relatable as a person, dealing with her depression and struggling to make money and feel anything but despair, using Spike as a distraction. I also love seeing Willow as major competition against Buffy. I still remember my jaw dropping to the ground when Tara was shot and fell to the ground…the way willow was sobbing. My eyes filled with tears. It was all so unexpected.

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