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Where To Go During Arrivals

It's officially arrivals week and we want our new arrivals to feel at home in Bournemouth and Poole as soon as possible. So to help them settle in we asked our alumni to think about when they first arrived at BU and where they'd recommend to check out first.

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1. The Beach

The beach was definitely the number one suggestion! And it's no surprise really, Bournemouth is famous for it's seven miles of golden sandy beach. A great place to chill out, go for a walk or a run, or just clear the mind.

"I moved to Bournemouth 19 years ago to start my degree, such a wonderful time. I love the sea so walks along the seafront were always fabulous. Poole sandbanks is lovely too for a stroll." - Laura Ellen Elsmore

"I went to Bournemouth in September 2007 to get my Masters in MarComm with my 4 and a half year old son all the way from Bangladesh. The first thing we did was to go to the beach & instantly I fell in Love. I love Bournemouth to bits and hope to visit again next year with, my now 14 year old son." - Shadab Quaderi

"Oh this brings back memories! The beach is the first place to go! It's beautiful come rain or shine!" - Glen Buchanan

"The beach. The feeling will stay with you forever. The sea will call you back time and time again. What a wonderful thing to do - study by the sea." - Wendy Strohm

2. The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station was another suggestion that came up numerous times. This unique venue belongs to the Students Union Bournemouth University, and is home to some great events.

"Firestation for sure." - Clive Smart

"21 years ago for us now, and it has to be the Old Fire Station for a night out!!! We lived at the Mae-Mar, good times!" - Claire Elliott

"2004! Fire station was a quality night. Nothing beats the beach though. Head there! Get the opportunity get over to Studland to. Ended up proposing to a fellow student over at old Harry's rock! Married since 2014 and now have a beautiful daughter. Bournemouth uni is such a huge part of my life!" - Eddie Lindley

3. The Inferno

The Inferno is a pub on Holdenhurst Road, just a few doors up from The Old Fire Station. It's part of the Social Squirrel collection, known for a relaxed atmosphere and reasonably priced drinks and food.

"I moved down in September 2003 - graduated 2006 and brought my first home here - first place was Inferno - today I would highly recommend "Sharkeys" sports bar." - Paul Redshaw

"Fire station & inferno" - Adam Young

"Infernos and Old Firestation" - Laura Mouratsing

4. Dylan's Bar

Philip Hartley

Dylan’s Bar is based on the Talbot Campus and is the Students Union Bournemouth University bar. Home to a great atmosphere, good (and cheap) food and a weekly pub quiz – the perfect student hangout.

"So many years ago! - Dylan's every lunch time". - Angela Ward

"Fire station or Dylan's happy fuzzy drink fuelled memories!" - Gina Smart

"Dylans then the Brass Tap." - Si Cleggett (unfortunately the Brass Tap no longer exists).

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