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The Ultimate Night In

A night in with your best friends can be so much better than a night out! Here are some of our ideas on how to make sure you have the ultimate night in.

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1. Secure The Best Room In The House

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If you live by yourself then this isn’t a problem, but if you live with flatmates or at home with your family then you need to make sure you secure the perfect spot. For the ultimate night in you want the room with the biggest TV and the comfiest sofa to jump on!

2. Snacks And Drinks

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Snacks and drinks are essential for all good nights in – whatever your favourite nibbles may be; make sure you have plenty of them. Or get a range of takeaway menus so everyone can order their favourite cuisine.

3. Good Company

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It seems like an obvious one, but the ultimate night in needs the ultimate people. As you’re all going to be in one room together for the majority of the evening, make sure you invite a group of friends who all get on.

4. Turn Your Phones Off / Via

Once you’ve got a good group of friends together turn your phones off. It’s easy to be distracted by the various apps on our phones these days, so turn them off and be in the moment with your friends for just one evening.

10. Create A Playlist / Via

Get all of your friends to tell you three to five of their favourite songs before they come round. Add all the songs to a playlist and put it on shuffle throughout the evening, then each time a song comes on the group have to guess who picked it.

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