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Icing On The Cake

We’re sharing some of our top icing on the cake moments, some of those special moments in life that represent excellence to us…

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1. That forgotten fiver in the pocket of your jeans

That feeling you get when you find some money in your pocket that you'd forgotten was there.

2. The moment the best song ever comes on the radio

This is a good moment in life!

3. The Sunday morning lie-in

Nothing feels as good as not having to get out of bed until you want to.

4. That winning goal in the last few seconds of extra time

Oh that's a good feeling!

5. When you get three green traffic lights in a row

Nothing can stop you now!

6. That first sip of coffee in the morning

That feeling as the caffeine brings your body to life again.

7. When you find a sale bargain that fits perfectly

Life is on your side.

8. The feeling when your favourite chocolate is the last one left in the box

It tastes even sweeter...

9. When it's just about warm enough to have that first BBQ of the year

Oh yeahh, you're king of the grill once again.

10. And frankly, nothing beats a cuddle with a puppy, or a few puppies...

What more is there to say...

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