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BU Graduation 2017 - Tips From Our Alumni

BU Graduation 2017 is nearly here, so we thought we ask our alumni for some tips on making the most of the big day - here's what they said.

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1. Enjoy It

Philip Hartley

"Enjoy every second of it as it’s over in a flash. Don’t work yourself up about the possibility of falling on stage. Just relax and walk on with your BU pride, and enjoy it." - Sophie Patricia Griffiths

3. A Good Friend

Philip Hartley

"Safety pins and a friend to untangle you... I got so tangled up in the bathroom before we went in, everything was caught up in the wrong bit of clothing, won't go into detail but you know a girl's worst nightmare!! Anyhow, if it wasn't for my friend I would probably still be in there now trying to untangle myself - all because of nerves!! Make the most of it - remember to wave to your friends and family who have come to watch you as you get up on the stage. Oh and BREATHE!! It's a great time yet I got so nervous - no need - have fun." - Taz Moores

4. Make A Day Of It

Philip Hartley

"Invite family down and make a day of it in Bournemouth with your loved ones. We booked a restaurant for lunch and it was an ideal way to decompress after all the excitement and look at photos etc. Still remember it fondly 15 years on." - James Farrow

5. Safety Pins

Philip Hartley

"Safety pins to hold the gown in place nicely. (And don’t worry if you accidentally leave your graduation outfit at home in Lincolnshire - nobody notices! (Just make sure you have your party gear for the Ball!)." - Frances Gentry

7. Get Some Pictures By The Beach

Philip Hartley

"I wish I'd known that I could head down to the beach to get some photos once I had my gown on. Didn't realise you could leave the BIC, and so all my photos have just have a road full of traffic in the background. Not quite so scenic...!!" - Emma Matthews

10. The Money Shot

Philip Hartley

"Enjoy it and embellish the day. You won’t get another occasion like it ever again. Also make sure you get a pic of the beach/pier with you in your gown - great pic to look back on." Richie Tulloch

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