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A Top-Notch Leaving Do

When leaving to go to university organising a top-notch leaving do is essential! So we’ve put together some ideas on various leaving shindigs, so you can pick one that’s right for you.

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1. A Good Group Of Friends / Via

We’ll start with the basics – a good group of friends! This is simple yet compulsory for any good leaving do. Really think about whom you’re going to invite, do they know each other already, will they all get on, and do you want to mix friends and family? This is one of the first things to consider and may well shape the activity you choose.

2. A Night Out

Sex and the City / Via

One of the most classic leaving do activities – a good old fashioned night out. This is probably one just for friends, maybe siblings at a push… but you won’t want your mum, or your granny for that matter, seeing what you and your mates get up to on a night out! Pick a good venue with music for everyone, reserve a table before hand and get the invites out in advance to make sure everyone can make it.

3. A Night In / Via

If a big night out isn’t your bag, then perhaps a night in is your thing. Again think about who you want to invite… this could be a friends and family combo. If you want to keep it easy then get a range of takeaway menus so everyone can pick something they like. You could also get a couple of good films in and put together a playlist of songs that you know everyone will enjoy listening to.

4. Cook Dinner / Via

If you’re confident in the kitchen, and have the room to accommodate a group, then having everyone round for a big dinner might be the option for you. To keep things easy cook something that works well for a group – a big bowl of chilli or a large curry for example that you can serve with a big bowl of rice and everyone can help themselves. Or if you’re scared that your cooking might poison your nearest and dearest a meal out could be the thing for you.

6. Plan An Activity

paddle-daddy / Via

An activity based leaving do can be a different and really enjoyable option. Make the most of where you live and your interests. If you live by the beach then try surfing or paddle boarding followed by a BBQ. If you live in a city the options are endless… you could go to a secret cinema evening, participate in a murder mystery dinner or go to a show.

7. Camping

http://www.vaniuzkac01.tumblr,com / Via

The great outdoors is calling and nothing beats roasting marshmallows around a camp-fire. Camping can be cheap if you go for the simple option, or if you have a bigger budget and fancy something a little fancier then give glamping a go.

8. A Festival / Via

It's festival season, if you and your friends are lucky enough to get tickets to a festival then why not combine it with your leaving do. Everyone’s already together and you know you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

10. Clear The Next day / Via

Whatever you decided to do – clear the next day. If you know you have to get up early the next morning or have other commitments then it’s harder to fully enjoy the party. Make the most of your evening and book the next day off, so if needed you can spend it in bed, watching Netflix and eating pizza.

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