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10 Reasons You Don’t Need A Summer Holiday When You Live In Bournemouth

If you’re too skint to head somewhere exotic this summer, don’t worry. Everything you need for a great British holiday (and, yes, that includes rainproof activities) is right on your doorstep in beautiful Bournemouth…

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1.) Beaches

Culture Trip / Via

Ok, let’s get this over and done with – we all know Bournemouth has a beach. Lots of beaches in fact. With Blue Flag ratings and golden sand that Bournemouth University research found is among the best for sandcastle building. Any excuse to get your bucket and spade out, right?

While Bournemouth beach is great if you want to be part of the action (it is home to the world’s first pier to shore zip line, after all…), there are also some great secluded beaches if you fancy somewhere a bit quieter. Have a mini-adventure on the chain ferry visiting the tranquil beaches at Studland Bay – just be careful not to stray too far or you may end up in naturist territory… (unless that’s your thing!)

2.) Gardens

Emma Matthews / Via Instagram: @emmam_212

If the thought of getting sand in your pants doesn’t tickle your fancy (and if it does, each to their own…) there are plenty of green and pleasant places to pop down a picnic blanket and enjoy the sun.

Bournemouth Gardens are just a short stroll from the town centre – perfect for a quick snack run – while Alum Chine tropical gardens have stunning views over the seafront (and great Insta potential!)

If you don’t mind travelling a bit further afield, the ultimate garden is just a short train or car journey away – the New Forest National Park! Cycle, hike, explore, enjoy a scenic pub lunch, and see if you can spot the super-cute roaming ponies.

3.) Fireworks

Visit Dorset / Via

If you thought the days in Bournemouth were fun, just you wait until the sun goes down. Free weekly fireworks displays take place at Bournemouth Pier and Poole Quay throughout the summer, so grab a warm hoody and pick a prime spot to see the skies light up!

4.) Festivals

Bournemouth Air Festival / Via

From jazz to visual effects, aeroplanes to…errr… knob throwing - whatever you’re into, there’s a festival for you.

Bournemouth Air Festival is the UK’s biggest, with thousands expected to head to the seafront to soak up the atmosphere and watch spectacular aerobatic displays from the likes of the Red Arrows.

And even if the skies are grey, the festivals are still hot – with events like the Great Dorset Chilli Festival guaranteed to put hairs on your chest!

5.) Pub quiz points

Elliott Brown / Via Flickr: ell-r-brown

Did you know that Robert Louis Stephenson wrote Jekyll and Hyde while living at Skerryvore in Westbourne? That Brownsea Island was home to the first scout camp and is now one of the last places in Britain you can find wild red squirrels? Bournemouth was the first place to have custom-made beach huts?

There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful trivia to be found around the area. Take a stroll around Bournemouth and keep an eye out for those blue plaques to gain pub quiz points and bragging rights for years to come.

6.) Adrenaline-fuelled adventures

Jurassic Coast Activities / Via

If you’d rather get your heart pumping, there are plenty of opportunities on both sea and land.

Explore the Jurassic Coast from a unique – and sometimes terrifying – perspective, jumping off cliffs and swimming through caves while coasteering (under professional supervision, obviously).

Alternatively, swing through the treetops at Go Ape, give watersports a whirl, or take a scenic segway tour (it’s scarier than you’d think, honest…)

7.) History and culture

Bournemouth University / Via

For those who want to keep the ol’ grey matter active over the summer break, there are lots of historic and artistic activities to enjoy.

Russell-Cotes Museum is a beautiful Victorian villa on Bournemouth clifftop, jam-packed with ornate artwork and artefacts, while Poole Museum is home to this magnificent moustachioed fellow – recovered from the Swash Channel Wreck by archaeologists at Bournemouth University

8.) The sun…

Neil Turner / Via

You don’t need to fly to a far-flung destination to get your dose of Vitamin D this summer – Bournemouth gets 18-25% more sunshine than the national average in the summer months, and 32% less rain!

Remember the immortal words of Baz Luhrmann though and make sure you wear your suncream!

9.) …and rainy day fun

Visit Dorset / Via

But we’re not going to pretend that summer can’t be soggy, so fortunately there’s lots to see and do undercover too.

From admiring the exotic creatures at Bournemouth Oceanarium to the incredible feats of engineering at the Tank Museum, there’s plenty on offer when outside isn’t an option.

And if you want to get intentionally wet, Splashdown at Tower Park is home to 13 thrilling flume rides…

10.) Food and drink

Trip Advisor / Via

Sometimes the best part of exploring a new place on holiday is via its cuisine – and Bournemouth is no exception.

From breakfast on the beach, to sky bar cocktails, and even an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet (yes, you read that right…), there’s plenty to get your tastebuds tingling and leave your jeans feeling uncomfortably tight.

So if you can’t get away this summer, don’t fret. There’s so much to see and do in Bournemouth that you can have a holiday without leaving home. Enjoy!

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