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1 Am Poem By Jasmine Britt

A poem about my "lovely" father

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1:00 am By Jasmine E. Britt

It’s 1 am

I shouldn’t be up thinking about you but I am

My first heartbreak ever was you

I reflect you

All my anger, attitude, feistiness

I wish I didn’t because I rather reflect my mom

Strong, independent, loving, and beautiful

Every time I see myself if I look closely

I see you

When I get older I want my kid’s father to be there

I do not want them to go through the same thing I did

My last name reflects you I regret saying it every time

I hate it

Every time I look through these photo albums they are all so adorable

Oldest brother when he was born you were in that photo

Second oldest brother when he was born you were in that photo

My photo album is a different story you are not in the photo I have

Why me?

I’m glad that I had a chance to grow up without you

Because if I lived with you

I wouldn’t have an amazing family to show me what

Happiness, love, kindness, goofiness, and what it’s like to be beautiful inside

But then again

It’s 1 am

-Jasmine Britt

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