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    • jasikad

      youre american. why would you expect them to accept you as ‘korean’? to me, it sounds like you had a giant fantasy that you ‘desperately wanted’ and when you coudlnt force strangers to act how you thought they should, you gave up. im of british decent… if i go visit london, should they all pretend that im british, too? um, no… ethnically im british, but i am american. ethically youre korean, but you are AMERICAN. sorry, accept it and enjoy your differences. celebrate them, even. you ruined your own time there trying to have something that could never happen. very sad!

    • jasikad

      ive had TONS of people say that to my face here in the good ol’ u.s. of a.iget comments about my super long hair, my pale skin, my fatness, my freckles, my large nose, my voice. you name it, americans have harassed the hell out of me for it.igot straight up sneers in germany. tho, in turkey,inever had so many strangers tell meiwas beautiful. the best wasavery cute old lady telling meiwas cute and sweet. loved turkey to pieces.  most asian clothing places (actually most in general now) make womens clothing in sizes that are ridiculously tiny. even at my smallest (5’4” and 110lbs)ihad to wear large and extra large/size 10+. especially if my clothes came from another country. youre not going to easily find ‘large’ clothes in asian countries because, mostly, women arent built like us ‘sturdy wimmin’. no matter how thinimay be,iam curvy…iwill never have that preteen boy shape that asian women seem to covet. and nearly all the asian womenihave know were insanely small. not skinny, but SMALL. almost like children compared to me. their frames are not the same as mine in any way. im of english/irish/french heritage and the women in my family have all have large frames. short, but large, not fat. no matter how muchiever starve myself, my bones are bigger. period.  remember that one reason people in asian countries may be making fun of you/me is because we look how they wish they did-double eyelids and pale skin and BOOBS. asian chicks generally do not have any of those things ;) or, you may look like them, as you said you did, but have the traits the popular media says is bad-curves and ‘dark’ skin. they may also be rude to you because you seem likeajerk. at least in this article, you do. shallow, also. side note, in case any one was wondering… almost all the korean meniknow REALLY love chubby chicks…. who are NOT asian… because they cant find them at home! might be another reason women there could be jerky… theyre jealous because they know their boys likey you  (btw dark is bad because it used to mean you worked in the fields. white skin meant you had money and didnt need to work outside. did you even know that? its the opposite of america where tanned skin means youre out relaxing and white skin means you never get outside/work all day. pretty silly, eh?! lol)
      ithink youre VERY wrong when you says your students didnt know what inner beauty was.ihave many korean friends and theyre nothing like she describes. theyre loving, deep people who would NEVER call someone ugly or fat. and they all definitely know how important inner beauty is! and virtually none of them care about ‘looking beautiful’. they just work and have families and live their lives. they arent starving themselves thin, they arent harassing the weird foreigners they see, and they arent getting plastic surgery!! maybe you were too focused on looks and you took more notice of those things than others. personally, it does irk me ifihear strangers make comments about me, but it certainly doesnt ruin my day. id certainly not run home and cry because of it. nothing in your article surprised me because it happens here in the usa every day and has since forever. did you seriously go through your whole life with out anyone making fun of you?? you never saw ALL the makeup stores here?? you never knew that tons of americans get plastic surgery every year because they think they dont measure up to the ‘impossible beauty standard’?? have you spent one day in reality, ever?? youre just amazing…. ive never met anyone like you! youreatrue oddity!!

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