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The Untold Truths Only Men With Long Hair Can Appreciate!

Whether its good genetics or because of John Snows man-bun it seems as I look around more men are rocking the long hair these days. To maintain these looks are a lot of effort so that’s why only men with long hair can appreciate these six untold truths.

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2. Finding your hair in most things you do!

Jase Maisano

When you sit down for a burger and you're so hungry to eat this amazing gift before you! So can't be bothered tying the hair up. As ABBA once said, “take a chance”! Nothing's better than eating a hairy burger.

3. Cutting it off

Jase Maisano

People seem to have such strong opinions on how you should cut it. Without a fail, someone will tell you daily “when are you going to cut it?” But you know its the source of all your power. NEVER!!!!!!!!!

6. Walking through the wind tunnel. / Via

It's the most annoying to deal with in the wind. You'd think walking through a wind tunnel on Ninth Avenue, flipping your hair would end up looking like Beyonce and a wind-fan but no… you end up looking like Tiffiny from White Chicks.

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