21 Things Better Than Eating Candy Corn

You are what you trick-or-treat.

1. Starvation.

2. Eating candles.

3. Puking.

4. Getting floss on Halloween.

5. Getting punched in the throat for every piece someone else eats.

6. Eating Korn CDs.

They're selling candy corn for Easter now? Ugh, I'd rather eat a bag of real corn. Or corn flour. Or Korn CDs.

— Writepop (@Writepop)

7. People throwing Vienna sausages at your kids.

I would rather you throw Vienna sausages at my kids than give them candy corn on Halloween!!! #turnyourporchlightoff

— Zombie Matt Henson™ (@wife3kidsnodogs)

8. Eating a live snake.

I would rather eat a live snake than candy corn. #Worst #Halloween #Candy #Ever

— Uncle Jesse (@JesseTStoltz)

9. Passing kidney stones.

"@SoDamnTrue: everything makes sense now " cool but I'd still rather pass a kidney stone than eat candy corn

— Dick Cronin (@cronin_parker)

10. Scraping your tongue on concrete.

Nah I tasted some candy corn flavored drink last night. I'd rather scrape my tongue on concrete.

— Kar's al Ghul (@karyewest)

11. Watching a 3D Tyler Perry movie with your eyes held open by Steve Harvey.

I rather watch a Tyler Perry movie in 3D with my eyes held open by Steve Harvey than to eat candy corn.

— Cleavage Aficionado (@NeekGoBacon)

12. Eating poop.

I'd rather eat poop than Candy Corn

— Andrew Phillis (@King_Phillly)

13. Chewing glass and sticking needles in your eyes for good measure.

Candy corn is back. I'd rather chew glass and stick needles in my eyes than eat that garbage.

— FashionablyFit (@LeslieDavieau)

14. Hanging out with Ray J.

I'd rather hang out with Ray J then eat a bag of candy corn

— Ricky Smith (@Rickonia)

15. Cooking your parents into chili.

I'd rather cook my parents into chili than eat candy corn

— Puddin' (@Puddoug)

16. Poking your eyes out with rusty spoons.

I'd rather poke my eyes out with rusty spoons then eat candy corn

— AJV (@ashleyveches)

17. Sawing your own arms and legs off.

I would rather saw my own arms and legs off than eat candy corn... #theworst #sogross

— Trevor (@trevorjackswan)


Things I'd rather eat than candy corn: a carton of expired sour cream, my hand, a gun, anything.

— Greg Tepper (@Tepper)

19. Slicing open your stomach and jump-roping with your own intestines.

Does anyone actually like candy corn? Personally, I'd rather slice open my stomach and jump rope with my own intestines than eat candy corn.

— Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande)

20. Dying.

If I were in a life or death situation & I had to eat Candy Corn to stay alive.. I'd rather die.

— Mario Farfan (@SuperMarioBRUH)

21. Dying…in a fire.

Not to be dramatic or anything but I would rather die in a fire than eat candy corn. #ShitXanderSays

— آري (@MisterNorthwest)

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