23 Pictures Only “Lord Of The Rings” Fans Will Think Are Funny

Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about.

1. This truth about Aragorn.

2. This franchise-bending transformation.

3. This example of Middle Earth logic.*

*Technically about The Hobbit, not Lord of the Rings.

5. This explanation for the One Ring.

6. This reaction to Simba.

7. This clever condom.

10. This movie spin-off.

11. This unfortunate pun.

12. This exchange between Éowyn and the Witch-king of Angmar.

13. This apt comparison.

14. This Harry Potter crossover.

15. This Mean Girls reference.

17. This alternative storyline.

18. This Disney-inspired logo.

19. These hipster Fellowship members.

21. This raccoon who’s actually Gandalf.

22. This awful pun.

23. And this one that’s even worse.

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