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    Author James Patterson Donates $473,000 To Independent Bookstores

    Christmas came early for 81 lucky indie booksellers.

    The extra cash comes courtesy of million-selling author and literary patron James Patterson, who announced Monday that he has given $473,000 to 81 independent sellers around the country in the third round of his campaign to keep local stores in business. Since launching the program a year ago, he has given more than $1 million to 178 sellers. The money is dispersed in response to specific requests, such as a letter from Left Bank that said Patterson's donation would allow the store to 'breathe a huge sigh of relief as we invest the money we make selling books back into our community.'
    In 2014, James will distribute one million dollars to independent bookstores across the country. The funds can be used for employee bonuses, expanding children's book sections, book events, and other store developments. Over $550,000 was given to deserving bookstores in the first half of 2014.
    In 2015, James Patterson will continue to support independent bookstores in innovative ways and will champion a new initiative centered on getting our kids reading and supporting school libraries.

    Here's to more programs supporting reading and literacy!