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What Fake Book From A TV Show Or Movie Do You Wish Was Real?

From the silver screen to your shelf!

It seems like there's a new trend in publishing lately — fictional books in TV shows or movies are being written in real life — and we're here for it.

The WB

For example, the romance novel that Jane Villanueva wrote in Jane the Virgin was released as a real book in November 2017.

The CW

And Marriage Vacation from the show Younger will be published in real life this summer too.

TV Land

(Marriage Vacation is the tell-all novel about Liza's boss, Charles, written by his ex-wife, Pauline, which Liza acquires and edits.)

Maybe there's a fake book from a movie that you'd love to read, like An Imperial Affliction from The Fault in Our Stars.

20th Century Fox

Or perhaps you'd want one from a favorite TV show, like Liz Lemon's dating guide in 30 Rock.


Tell us in the comments below which fictional book you wish were real and why, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!