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Someone Made A "Game Of Thrones"/"Too Many Cooks" Mashup And It's Perfect

Westeros really does have "Too Many Kings." Warning: spoilers.

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If you weren't living under a rock last November, you probably saw Adult Swim's wonderfully bizarre "Too Many Cooks."

Adult Swim

Well now there's a Game of Thrones version called "Too Many Kings" and it's even more bloodthirsty than the original:

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Made by YouTuber Alex Cohen, "Too Many Kings" uses the audio from "Too Many Cooks" alongside cleverly cut scenes from HBO's Game of Thrones.

The first three minutes show just how many characters there are in Game of Thrones, but things get weirder near the four-minute mark (as in the original video).

Here, the Three-Eyed Raven and King's Landing from Game of Thrones' title sequence replace the falcon and mansion sequence from "Too Many Cooks."

But instead of the "Too Many Cooks" killer, the characters in "Too Many Kings" start dying because...well, because George R.R. Martin killed them off.

If anything, the "Too Many Cooks" song makes the Red Wedding even more chilling.

At 8:24, there's a particularly clever version of the "Intronitis" scene, but with Bran and Robb Stark.

There are more than a few other clever parallels between "Too Many Cooks" and "Too Many Kings," but you'll have to see for yourself. Valar Morghulis, everyone.

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