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    24 Struggles Of Wearing High Heels

    The struggle is heel.

    1. Trying to break in a pair of heels, but instead, the heels break you.

    20th Century Fox

    2. Refusing to bring a change of shoes because you think you'll be fine...

    Universal Pictures

    3. ...only to find out how oh so wrong you were.

    The CW

    4. Trying to look sophisticated in heels but actually looking like this:

    Walt Disney

    5. BLISTERS.

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    6. When the Band-Aids you put on your blisters fall off.

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    7. Attempting to drive.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    8. Losing circulation in your feet and being unable to feel your toes.

    Linkin Park / Via

    9. ...yet somehow still being able to feel ALL OF THE PAIN.


    10. Wearing peep-toes and feeling like your toes might be deformed forever.

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    11. Walking at a snail's pace to avoid injuring yourself.

    12. ...yet somehow still managing to roll both ankles.

    13. Attempting to run.

    14. That burning sensation in the ball of your foot.

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    15. And where the back of the heel rubs your ankle.


    16. Standing on one leg at a time to give your other foot a break.

    The Pokémon Company

    17. Managing to trip and fall when there is literally nothing to trip over.

    Walt Disney

    18. Or falling over when standing still.

    19. Getting shooting pains in your arches after walking around for too long.


    20. Making the mistake of putting your heels back on after taking them off.

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    21. Wanting nothing more in life than to sit down somewhere.


    22. Or to go barefoot.

    23. Telling yourself you'll never wear heels again...


    24. ...only to repeat the cycle all over again.