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Can You Keep Up With The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Workout?

The Supreme Court Justice (aka The Notorious R.B.G.) is one tough cookie.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a U.S. Supreme Court Justice and all-around badass.

Luckily for us, in her new biography, Notorious RBG, she shares her workout routine so we can train to be just as awesome:

The justice starts with a five-minute warm-up on the elliptical, followed by stretching and rotational exercises. Lately, Bryant Johnson [her trainer] has had her do one-legged squats — holding on to his hands — and planks, where he does his best to knock the tiny justice down. But the signature move is one that Johnson describes as "the exercise that will actually stop you from having to have a nurse 24/7," preventing the client from getting to "the moment you can't sit down at the toilet and get up."

Ping Zhu
Ping Zhu

1. Sit down on a bench with a 12-pound ball.

(RBG started with a 2-pound ball and made her way up. "The first time I gave her the 12-pound ball, it almost threw her," Johnson says.)

2. Stand up, holding the ball with two hands; press it to your chest.

3. Toss it to Johnson [or whoever your trainer is], who hands it back.

("I don't want to take the chance she misses it and it hits her. That wouldn't be a good look. Just think of the paperwork I would have to fill out.")

4. Sit back down on the bench.

5. Repeat 10 times.

Ping Zhu
  1. So, can you keep up with The Notorious R.B.G. workout?

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So, can you keep up with The Notorious R.B.G. workout?
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    The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of "No, I can't keep up."
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    Definitely not, I am nowhere near as badass as The Notorious R.B.G.
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    Are you kidding?! Of course not, I haven't exercised since the Supreme Court was established (1789)!
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    I'd rather serve on the bench than try to bench, tbh.
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    Actually yeah, I think I could hang with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We should totally be gym buddies.

Excerpted from Notorious RBG. To learn more,click here.

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