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People Are Looking For A Nonexistent Book Thanks To Jennifer Lopez's New Film

PSA: There is no such thing as a first edition copy of The Iliad.

In The Boy Next Door, Jennifer Lopez stars as a high school classics teacher who becomes involved with her younger neighbor, a student.

In one scene, he gives her a "first edition" copy of The Iliad, the epic poem by Homer, which he supposedly found at a garage sale.

According to AbeBooks, an online marketplace with many rare and out of print books, "The Iliad, first edition" has become the most popular search on the site since the movie's release.

Since Lopez's latest movie, The Boy Next Door, was released in the US on January 23, 'The Iliad, first edition' has been the top search term on To Kill a Mockingbird is the second most popular search during this period and that classic book has received just a little publicity this month.

This becomes hilarious when you consider the fact that there is no such thing as a first-edition Iliad. The epic poem was composed around 700 BCE, centuries before the printing press was even invented.

Sadly for the film's fans, The Iliad, the 15,000-line poem about the Trojan war attributed to Homer, was composed around 700BC, long before the invention of the printing press in 1440. The oldest complete text is from the end of the 10th century, the Venetus A manuscript, with the work not widely disseminated in English until George Chapman's 17th-century translation, immortalised by John Keats's poem.

Now that's just classic.