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39 Gorgeous Harry Potter Tattoos That Will Make You Say "I Want That"

Accio ink!

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1. This delicate outline of Hogwarts.

Instagram: @eryzcka

2. This gorgeous Deathly Hallows–inspired design.

Instagram: @dnlchrlsklly

6. This floral Deathly Hallows design.

Instagram: @besttattooideass

9. This adorable scenic view of Hogwarts.

Instagram: @asylumstudios

11. This delicate outline of the Marauders.

Instagram: @em_056

13. This gorgeous "Always" design.

Instagram: @kimmysph

14. This mysterious-looking Deathly Hallows symbol.

Instagram: @dax_tattoos

15. This elegant bottle of Felix Felicis.

Instagram: @hogwartsfeature

16. This beautiful rendering of Godric Gryffindor's sword.

Instagram: @eshannon_ght

17. This charming Hufflepuff badger.

Instagram: @leahlucidly

18. This lovely stack of Harry Potter books.

Instagram: @mr

19. This charming design that combines some of Harry Potter's most memorable motifs.

Instagram: @jessguercia

21. This exquisite Elder Wand bouquet.

Instagram: @casssie_jo

24. This colorful Deathly Hallows symbol.

Instagram: @brikrangeltattoo

27. This ominous Deathly Hallows–inspired design.

Instagram: @readingvixen

28. This majestic portrayal of Fawkes.

Instagram: @milky_tattoodles

30. This sweet bottle of Amortentia.

Instagram: @almendrupa

31. This design that imagines Hogwarts coming to life.

Instagram: @harrypotter3463

33. This dainty Deathly Hallows design.

Instagram: @bonniebtattooing

38. This radiant phoenix feather.

Instagram: @collypop

39. And this delightful reminder of Harry Potter's epilogue.

Instagram: @tallsarahtattoos

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