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    14 Absolutely Breathtaking Photos Taken At Night

    Carpe noctem! From National Geographic's Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark.

    If you're a night owl, a nature lover, or just someone who appreciates really darn good photography, National Geographic's new book Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark might appeal to you with its 230 nocturnal photographs.

    Here are 14 stunningly gorgeous shots from the book:

    1. Joshua Tree National Park, California: "The Milky Way galaxy provides a galactic frame for a solitary Joshua tree."

    2. Singapore: "Streetlights illuminate shipping containers at the Port of Singapore."

    3. Taichung, Taiwan: "Fireflies transform a forest floor into a surreal light show."

    4. Normandy, France: "A dark-blue serpentine stream winds its way toward the island of Le Mont-Saint-Michel."

    5. East Java, Indonesia: "Star trails above Mount Bromo."

    6. Kamchatka, Russia: "Explorers use headlamps and flashlights to find their way in an active volcanic crater."

    7. Tehachapi, California: "The blades of wind turbines look like spinning discs in this long exposure."

    8. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: "Two camels and their minder walk in front of the illuminated Dubai skyline."

    9. Frederica, Denmark: "The bright lights of a rail yard shine over off-duty parked trains."

    10. Tokyo, Japan: "Lights dot the shoreline of Lake Kawaguchi as Mount Fuji rises in the background."

    11. Windansea Beach, California: "A couple looks out at the ocean waters lit by radiant moonlight."

    12. Giza, Egypt: "The lights of Cairo turn the Pyramids at Giza into stunning silhouettes."

    13. Easter Island, Pacific Ocean: "Prehistoric Moai statues look out over a sky splashed with stars."

    14. Agra, India: "A midnight view of the Taj Mahal provides time for quiet reflection."

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