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Here's What Happens When You Reply To OkCupid Guys With "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Quotes

My inner goddess swipes right.

E. L. James' romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey has become a "worldwide phenomenon" but is often criticized as poorly written.

So I decided to create an OkCupid profile and reply to matches exclusively with Fifty Shades of Grey quotes to see how they'd react.

This guy was into it.

So was this guy.

This guy was confused.

This guy got philosophical.

This guy ignored Christian Grey's warning.

This guy gave some surprisingly good advice.

This guy wasn't sure what was going on, but thought it had to be about sex.

This guy was real smooth about it.

This guy impressively figured it out right away.

This guy just went for it.

...I mean, really went for it.

And this guy knew what was up before I even said anything.