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16 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For Book Nerds

Other than books, of course.

1. Pride And Prejudice Valentine's Card

2. Read to Me tee

"Treat yourself or a reader you love to a shirt that says it all."

Buy here or here.

3. Book Lover's Chocolate Box Gift Set

4. Book page bouquet

5. Vintage issues of The Paris Review

6. Magnetic Poetry - Romance Edition

7. Love Letter Napkins

8. Custom-made book sculpture

"It is created by folding pages of recycled book with patience and accurateness."

Buy here.

9. McSweeney's Bundle of Love

10. Shakespeare Valentine's Day Card

11. "Paperback" fragrance

12. Love Poem Message in a Bottle Necklace

13. Book Lovers' Scented Soy Candles

14. Jane Austen Mr Darcy Quotable Chocolate Bar

15. E.E. Cummings Wise Words Illustrated Art Print

16. Quiet reading time

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