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Katy Perry Wasn't Allowed To Read "Harry Potter"

The pop star has never read the Harry Potter books or seen the movies because of her strict upbringing.

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Pop icon Katy Perry may be many things but a Potterhead isn't one of them — in an interview for People, she confessed that she wasn't allowed to read the Harry Potter books as a child:

"I know Harry Potter, but I've never read the books, nor have I seen the movies because growing up, I was not allowed to read the books," the pop star, 31, tells PEOPLE of J.K. Rowling's cultural phenomenon.


Perry wasn't allowed to be around anything magic-related because of her strict Christian parents.

Perry, whose parents Keith and Mary Hudson are devout Christian ministers, has been vocal about being raised in a strict household.

"Growing up, I wasn't allowed to have any fantastical, enchanting stuff around me," she explains.

Well, no time like the present to live your ~teenage dream~ and read Harry Potter now, Katy!

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